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Multi-Purpose Data Storage Solution by KIOXIA and Open-E


Some time ago, during CloudFest 2022, to be strict, we released a highly reliable and powerful data storage solution with KIOXIA hardware and Open-E software. Today, we invite you to watch a demo of this solution!


Live Demo of a Multi-Purpose Data Storage Solution by KIOXIA and Open-E


High Performing Solution

For Your Data Storage Appliances


We started from testing - the KIOXIA FL6 NVMe™ SSDs were tested with Open-E JovianDSS data storage software in two data storage scenarios:

  • serving as cache devices supporting both write (write log) and read operations (read cache),
  • as data drives in the All-Flash data storage appliance.

The results turned out to be more than brilliant!


Want to know details? Go to the Open-E Blog to read the newest article in which we included all the crucial details and, most importantly - a live demo of the solution.


Read the article


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