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New case study:
Open-E DSS V7 in the financial sector

In today's newsletter we present our latest case study. This time, our customer Investment Technology Partners from the US shares their success story and how they achieved highest level quality, performance, and a compliant data center with Open-E DSS V7.

Open-E and Investment Technology Partners:
Providing business continuity for transactional systems

Investment Technology Partners (ITP) delivers complete hosting solutions for small to medium financial services firms.

ITP’s goal was to design and integrate enterprise class redundant data centers that met the requirements of SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) compliance and regulatory standards, as well as the rigors of Wall Street business operations for a set fee per month. This included mail solutions, trading platforms, and solutions for on-premises personnel.

Open-E DSS V7 proved to be the best solution for ITP:
"Without Open-E, our whole profit margin would be blown if we used a traditional vendor. Open-E enables us to stay true to our core values of using cutting edge technology so service level is high and pricing is fair to the customer."

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