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Limited time offer:
50% discount on Open-E DSS V7 upgrades

Today we wanted to remind you that our upgrade promotion is ending soon. Hurry up and save 50% when upgrading from Open-E DSS V6 to Open-E DSS V7.

Upgrade to Open-E DSS V7 and get 50% off:
Valid only until December 31, 2014

Open-E DSS V6 will be End of Life by June 30, 2015. We recommend upgrading existing Open-E DSS V6 licenses to our latest storage software - Open-E DSS V7 - for only half the regular price.

With Open-E DSS V7 your customers can enjoy new features, including:
  • iSCSI (SAN) Active-Active Failover Feature Pack
  • Avago Syncro Solution Feature Pack
  • Improved management of multi-core CPUs for higher overall performance
  • Dynamically managed re-sync bandwidth of Volume Replication
  • Possibility to assign snapshots to logical volumes via API
  • Improved GUI with status icons
  • and more
Find details about Open-E DSS V7 on the Open-E website >>
        Upgrade V7

When your customers upgrade from Open-E DSS V6 to V7 the whole capacity must be upgraded incl. all storage extensions. Example: Open-E DSS V6 8TB + 2TB Storage extension = upgrade to Open-E DSS V7 for 10TB. Also, remember that Open-E DSS V7 does not support NAS (NFS) Failover. 

For questions about the promotion or our products, please contact the Open-E Sales Team:

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