Switchless HA iSCSI Storage Cluster with V7

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Switchless cluster setup with Open-E DSS V7


A new Open-E step-by-step guide is available for you! Find out how you can easily set up an Open-E DSS V7 Active-Active iSCSI Failover Storage Cluster and VMware High Availability without a switch.

Follow the steps

and create a switchless Active-Active iSCSI Cluster


Our helpful how-to document shows you how to configure the cluster and VMware High Availability in detailed steps:

  • Configuring hardware and network
  • Setting up nodes and creating targets
  • Configuring the failover and starting the failover service
  • Creating the VMware HA cluster and adding hosts
  • Configuring networking and storage adapters
  • Reconfiguring vSphere HA
  • Clearing the alarms of the cluster

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How-to Switchless

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