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The Role of Hardware-Agnostic Software

Vendor Lock-in in the Era of Hardware Shortages 

The problem of having hardware shortages in 2021 seems to be beyond all reality. However, these shortages are still very much happening and the effects can most acutely be felt by businesses stuck in vendor lock-ins. 


History records show a worrying pattern of several global hardware shortages being triggered by technology breakthroughs. So what lessons can history teach us?



Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Here are some thoughts from our CEO Krzysztof Franek about how to avoid situations like this: 

“Don’t monkey around with your business, be a visionary and use a bit of forethought to wisely approach the choice of which software to purchase with both the present and future in mind.”


But how do we do that? Find our insights in the article below:


Interested? Read the article!



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