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This week we are happy to share with you two brand new articles on the Open-E Blog and a new customer case study where Open-E DSS V6 is used in a video processing demo center. 

Open-E Blog
DSS V6 powered Duplex Server, a better  Dual Controller

In his Blog article Janusz Bak compares the Dual Controller Architecture to the Duplex Server for high available storage environments. What are the problems IT specialists are dealing with and how can they solve them with a solution powered by Open-E DSS V6? Visit our blog to find out. Read more...

Open-E Blog
To deduplicate or not to deduplicate?

Deduplication has three main advantages: it reduces space, saves upload bandwidth and improves backup and cloning virtual machines performance. Although many people believe it is an essential functionality this is not true in every situation or for every environment. Janusz Bak discusses the topic from different points of view. Read more...

Open-E Case Study
NAS based Demonstration Center for Video Processing

Our Bulgarian customer TEMA used our Data Storage Software to set up a NAS based Demonstration Center for digital video technologies. With this they are able to keep up the expertise level of their consultants and show customers the high quality technological solutions they offer. Read more...

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