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We have been very satisfied with Open-E DSS V7 for many years but after our company and our requirements for R&D were growing faster and faster, we were looking for ways to increase our performance with proven products and relationships. Finally, Open-E released their new software JovianDSS with ZFS on Linux, and the same Kernel as in Open-E DSS V7. With this, we were able to achieve non-performance degradation compression that allows us to store 60 to 80% more on each SAN. Since 90% of requests are running from the cache we achieved four times faster performance than with the old storage systems.

Per Eklund

Head of IT


Der Forschungsbereich der Bundeswehr für Wasserschall und Geophysik (FWG) nutzt seid mehr als 10 Jahren im Storage Bereich erfolgreich zu 90% Open-E Systeme. Als zivile Forschungseinrichtung im Rüstungsbereich der Bundeswehr haben wir mit Open-E einen Storage-Partner gefunden, der unsere speziellen Bedürfnisse z.B. bei Seeversuchen im Einsatz mit unserem Forschungsschiff 'WFS Planet' kosteneffizient und zuverlässig abbilden kann. In diesen Einsätzen haben wir insbesondere die Flexibilität und Stabilität der Open-E NAS Server schätzen gelernt.

Sönke Karstens


Forschungsbereich der Bundeswehr für Wasserschall und Geophysik (FWG)

"In our Cisco Lab we were looking for a complete Enterprise class NAS/SAN solution that would work across our Mobile Internet Technology test beds used for product testing, solution testing, PoC’s and IOT’s for MITG solutions. The solution needed to be reliable, feature rich and flexible. We looked at FreeNAS and other commercial products such NetAPP and EMC. In the end Open-E DSS V7 had the features and flexibility we needed to complete our projects. The flexibility of the Open-E DSS V7 on our Cisco UCS HW was key to being able to move quickly between ever changing storage needs. It has been straight forward to setup, maintain and tuning was effortless. We can quickly setup many and modify the Open-E DSS V7 volumes from 200GB to 5TB for usage with our file protocols with CIF’s, NFS and Fibre Channel volumes as well. The design of the GUI is very easy to navigate which reduces the learning curve allowing us to be more productive. Open-E DSS V7 has been proven to be reliable and robust for our storage and database needs. Support was another factor in our requirements and that has been proven to be excellent before install, during install and with the ongoing usage of Open-E DSS V7."

Mark Weiss

Technical Marketing Engineer

Cisco Systems, INC

"Open-E DSS V7 ist ein großartiges Produkt, meiner Meinung nach eine der besten SAN-Lösungen auf dem Markt. Ich bin besonders von der Stabilität der Software überzeugt - das Active-Active Failover Feature hat uns schon einige Male gerettet. Bei einer Änderung der RAID-Konfiguration (welche laut Hersteller online durchgeführt werden kann) ist unser primärer SAN-Server abgestürzt. Unser Hyper-V Cluster hat davon nichts zu spüren bekommen, da das Failover perfekt funktioniert hat. Wir haben durch dieses Feature außerdem einen erheblichen Performance-Vorteil und bei Wartungsarbeiten weniger Down-Time. Auch die Programmoberfläche ist sehr intuitiv und gut durchdacht. Zudem sind die angebotenen Webinare eine große Hilfe - gute Webinare in deutscher Sprache sind selten."

Steffen Höhne

System Engineer

JMC Software

"As an Open-E Partner, I took part in one of Open-E's Certified Engineer Trainings. It has been a great experience for me - very, very interesting! Open-E DSS V7 is a really great product from my point of view (and not only mine) but now I know the people behind this project are great as well, it is an important added value for me."

Giovanni Esposito


simi IT

"We use Open-E DSS V7 as our main storage. We never had any problems in 3 years now. In my opinion it is a very fast and reliable storage solution. Thanks to the Open-E support team for their help when we increased our volume and upgraded from version 6 to 7."

Manuel Adams

IT Administrator


"We have been running Open-E software for two years now as an MPIO’d ISCSI SAN without a single issue. Installation / configuration was relatively painless, there is a multitude of configuration options and the software seems very stable. Open-E software is a cost-effective and reliable storage solution."

Tarran Walker

IT Director


"We use Open-E DSS V7 for storing our mission critical backups and as a collaborating platform for mixed clients (OSx, Windows and Linux). What I really like about Open-E is the fact that it's hardware independent and a set and forget appliance. In the near future we will start using multiple Open-E appliances for replicating data over multiple branch offices."

Fabrice Zander

Senior System Administrator / Engineer

Boost Group

"Association of Professional Accountants is an accounting firm. The specifics of accounting are a smooth workflow, and the discretion regarding all customer data - the stability of our client’s business depends on these two factors. And if our work is interrupted, it affects us, our clients and client’s customers. That’s why continuity and security are our first priority. For the same reason, disaster recovery and limited downtime are important to us. For these purposes we use a virtualized storage environment based on Open-E DSS V7 and Citrix XenServer. To ensure additional data security we also encrypt the operating system. This way we can provide highest security and reliability of our customer data, protecting the core of our business with Open-E software."

Alexander Kovalenko


Association of Professional Accountants

"We started using Open-E on an Intel SAN back in 2008 with iSCSI-R3 but changed to Open-E DSS V6 at the end of 2009. Early this year the boot drive malfunctioned and I had to replace it and reinstall the DSS, which I did using a USB pen drive with the installation image. When Open-E DSS V6 booted I just had to enter the license number and register the product, then I restored the settings I had previously backed up. The unit restarted just like nothing had happened, everything was in place and working just like before. I’ve grown to appreciate Open-E’s products, and mostly how they allow me and the rest of the staff to do our work. Open-E’s software works seamlessly, is easy to install and configure, extremely reliable and offers an outstanding performance. They give me peace of mind."

Paulo J. F. Martins

IT Administrator

CCS Tecnologias e Informação

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