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July 10, 2014


Open-E aims Jupiter DSS software defined storage at enterprise SAN

Germany-based storage virtualisation software provider Open-E has launched a new product aimed at the enterprise storage market.

Open-E Jupiter DSS – branded “software-defined storage” by the company – uses the ZFS file system and operating environment to add increased, and theoretically unlimited, scalability to Open-E’s existing Linux-based storage software platform.

CEO, Krzysztof Franek, said iSCSI SAN systems built with Open-E could be available at 25% of the cost of comparable systems from major storage suppliers.

Open-E Jupiter DSS can be deployed on any standard server and, with commodity drives to create iSCSI SANs of virtually unlimited capacity and volume size, said Franek.

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Press Releases

August 21, 2014

Open-E Showcases VMware Ready Open-E DSS V7 at VMworld 2014

Open-E to demonstrate how their customers are implementing storage architecture to transform their VMware infrastructure

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