Open-E's Education Program for Universities, Colleges, Schools

Discounts for Education!

Open-E believes in promoting education and therefore provides academic and other education institutions special discounts on Open-E´s software when deployed as a part of their IT infrastructure.

How it works: buy one half of storage, get the other half for free

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Receiving the discount is as simple as can be:

  • Buy Open-E DSS V7 and V6 with half the required storage space.
  • Open-E sends you a free storage extension key with the other half of the required storage space.

Example 1: Unlimited total storage

Steps required if you need Open-E DSS V7 with unlimited supported storage

Open-E DSS V7 16TB $ 1393.00 8TB extension $ 377.00
24TB storage space $ 1770.00
get free
16TB extension $ 693.00 free 8TB extension $ 377.00 free
24TB storage space $ 1070.00 free
total storage
Unlimited TB Total price: $ 1770.00 (-38%)
$ 2840.00

Example 2: 24TB of storage space

Steps required if you need a total amount of 24TB of storage space

Open-E DSS V7 8TB $ 1079.00 4TB extension $ 149.00
12TB storage space $ 1288.00
get free
8TB extension $ 377.00 free 4TB extension $ 209.00 free
12TB storage space $ 586.00 free
total storage
24TB Total price: $ 1288.00 (-31%)
$ 1874.00

Example 3: 8TB of storage space

Steps required if you need a total amount of 8TB of storage space

Open-E DSS V7 4TB $ 895.00
get free
4TB extension $ 209.00 free
total storage
8TB Total price: $ 895.00 (-19%)
$ 1104.00

Where to buy Open-E DSS V7?

Open-E Authorized Resellers

You can buy Open-E software for the education sector through Open-E's worldwide Reseller Partners.
Depending on your needs they can offer you full hardware solutions, as well as consulting and advice on how to manage your appliances.

Find reseller »

Open-E Online Store

If you only need licenses please visit the Open-E Online Store.

Go to online store »

How to get the discount?

You need to be registered on Open-E's website as an educational institution.

Register now »

After purchasing a certain amount of Open-E DSS V7 or V6 licenses please:

  • Register your product and answer a short survey.
  • Send a copy of your invoice received with Open-E DSS V7 or V6 by email

Within 2 working days latest, you will receive your free storage capacity extensions equal to the amount you already purchased.

Procedures for Partners and Resellers

Information available only for registered Open-E Partners in Partner Portal.

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Note: The educational discount is ONLY available for Open-E DSS V6 and Open-E DSS V7.

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