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Welcome to Open-E Webinars

Open-E webinars are the best opportunity to be up-to-date with Open-E software features, solutions, latest configuration ideas and performance tests. All that so you can get the most out of your Open-E products.

Our webinars are carried out by the best practitioners and specialists in the storage field, including our CTO, Janusz Bak and our Director of Technical Sales, Todd Maxwell.

Live sessions, with you as an active participant, are the perfect occasions to ask questions or discuss the topics you are interested in.

If you want to take part in one of the upcoming webinars, simply register yourself for FREE.

Please choose your preferred language and location from the options below.

To listen to the webinar please use VoIP (Netviewer) under Windows (headphones or speakers are necessary).

How to register?

To register for the Open-E webinar, please login and click the “Register” button on the side of the chosen webinar.

We will send you a confirmation of participation and the access data for the online session in time.

See our Library for all past Webinar recordings.