From October 1, 2015 Open-E DSS V6 is no longer available for purchase

All functionalities delivered by Open-E DSS V6 are now available in the latest version of Open-E DSS V7.

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Open-E DSS V6

Download Open-E DSS V7 Installer

Version: v.7.00 up54 18432   Release date: Dec 23, 2015

If you are upgrading from Open-E DSS V6 to DSS V7 with running iSCSI or NFS Failover:
Please keep in mind that it will result in downtime!
Best to plan a maintenance window for this procedure. After upgrading to Open-E DSS V7 the configuration for Auto Failover will be removed and you will have to reconfigure it one more time from the beginning.

If you are upgrading from Open-E DSS V6 to DSS V7 with running NFS Failover, please stop the failover before updating , stop and delete the volume replication task of “failover_data” and delete the failover_data (size 2GB) volumes on both nodes. These volumes were necessary for the failover functionality in Open-E DSS V6, but DSS V7 does not use and support it.

Download ISO file

To be used for:
  • Burning a bootable CD/DVD
  • Virtual machine installation
  • Software updates

File size: 501.3 MB

MD5: cfaa93c0d65e9296637970fb1f98f83e

Download ZIP file

To be used for:
  • Preparing a bootable USB flash drive (PenDrive)

File size: 465.9 MB

MD5: 1fe795d1131e62ba2aa5f51e347c506e

How to get Open-E DSS V7 with Avago Syncro® Solution

Open-E DSS V7 with Avago Syncro® Solution is available through the Open-E Sales Team:

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Same software installer for:

TRIAL version

FULL version

SOHO version

Trial Version

60 Day Version with all features enabled and unlimited supported storage space.

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Full Version

Full and non-expiring version with 1 Year Basic Support Plan included, flexible supported storage options.

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SOHO Version

Free and non-expiring version with limited features set.

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