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NAS (NFS) Failover Feature Pack for Open-E DSS V6

Open-E delivers automatic NAS (NFS) failover, using a set up with two nodes in an active-passive configuration. It can be purchased as an extension called “Feature Pack - NAS (NFS) Failover”. The NAS (NFS) Failover functionality can only be purchased for usage with Open-E DSS V6 and is NOT working with Open-E DSS V7.

Open-E DSS V6 provides fault tolerance via synchronous NAS Volume Replication for NFS shares. Once configured, all data written to the primary server is mirrored to a secondary server. In the event the primary server fails, Open-E DSS V6 automatically switches operation to the secondary server. NFS locks are also reassigned to the secondary server after the primary server fails.

This functionality requires the purchase of a feature pack. A single license of the feature pack will enable two licensed full version copies of Open-E DSS V6 to operate as a failover solution.


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Feature Pack - NAS (NFS) Failover for Open-E DSS V6 $ 840.00

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