Why Open-E Data Storage Software V7

We understand there are many solutions to choose from when selecting your storage software. You should consider our product if you want to quickly get more from your existing hardware, accelerate performance, minimize downtimes and assure uninterrupted business operations. With Open-E DSS V7, you will also experience significant time, cost and storage volume savings.

Robust, award-winning storage application

Supports both legacy and modern hardware, popular backup software and appliance API.

Provides excellent compatibility with industry standards

Full iSCSI and NAS support, network client protocols supporting all popular operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), backup agents.

Easiest to use and manage

Easy configuration with wizard, task and schedule manager, email notifications, automated OS updates and rollbacks.

The most stable

Based on Linux industry proven for its stability, the most stable journaling file system runs on its own independent OS making purchase of host OS unnecessary.

Price performance leader

Greatest storage features for an affordable price.

Is there something holding you back?

How Does It Compare?

  • Open-E has a ton of storage features, but so do several competitors.
  • However, many of these competitors are not compatible with new or legacy hardware,
  • Have terrible interfaces and are difficult to use,
  • Are unstable
  • Or have outrageous prices

How Do I Expand My Storage?

Expanding storage is dead easy. You just need to purchase a storage extension key, add it to your system and that's it. You can also buy a version with unlimited storage.

Why Not Use Open Source?

Missing critical features, sketchy support, bugs and notoriously unstable. Many people try it, but quickly switch to Open-E (can’t risk the downtime or data loss).

How Technical is The Setup?

Open-E uses a setup wizard which is acclaimed as the easiest way to setup.