Business Continuity

If you want to ensure continuous availability of business functions for your customers and business partners, learn how Open-E software provides solutions that allow your company to maintain operations in spite of critical situations or disasters.

Achieve High Performance in a High Availability Environment with Open-E DSS V7

Having a highly available storage is one thing, but what about its overall performance? Learn how you can achieve both, using Open-E DSS V7 with iSCSI Active-Active Feature Pack.

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Booting from Highly Available iSCSI LUN with Open-E DSS V6 via Storage Area Network (SAN)

The solution of how to boot an operating system from a remote iSCSI disk. This configuration, along with the Automatic iSCSI Failover, allows you to enjoy high availability of resources and better data loss prevention.

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High Availability

Failover is an excellent way to implement High Availability. It is a work mode that uses two Open-E Data Storage Software V6 servers (primary and secondary). The secondary server, which has a full up-to-date copy of the data, takes over as the file server in the event of a primary server failure.

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NAS (NFS) Failover

High availability is crucial to many applications. Despite using high-quality hardware and superior connection, any node (network, server, storage equipment, etc) is still subject to crashes due to power shortages, communication and equipment faults, fire incidents, maintenance problems or a human factor. These crashes result in a loss of all active connections and data transactions, as well as service termination. The main goal of Failover is to protect company server against such cases.

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