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Booting from Highly Available iSCSI LUN with Open-E DSS V6 via Storage Area Network (SAN)

The solution of how to boot an operating system from a remote iSCSI disk. This configuration, along with the Automatic iSCSI Failover, allows you to enjoy high availability of resources and better data loss prevention.

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How to connect to an iSCSI target from Microsoft Windows software

If you want to connect to an iSCSI Target Volume over a LAN from a Microsoft Windows system, perform the following steps:1) Hardware configuration 2) Configure the DSS V6 3) Configure iSCSI Target Properties 4) Initialize the disk from iSCSI target 4) Accessing to the disk.

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iSCSI SAN storage solution with Open-E software

iSCSI storage enables efficient use of a disk space while ensuring data safety and increased performance. Moreover, centralized storage management utilizing iSCSI and RAID technology makes administration more comfortable and reduces downtime in case of a hard drive failure.

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Open-E DSS V6 MPIO with Windows 2008

See example configuration of Multipath I/O on Open-E Data Storage Software. To run the Multipath I/O on DSS V6 with Windows 2008 server, perform the following steps: 1) Hardware configuration 2) Configure the DSS V6 3) Multipath I/O on DSS V6 with Windows 2008.

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Service continuity of Windows 2008 failover cluster with Data Storage Software V6 iSCSI Target

Failover Cluster allows multiple computers work together in order to provide high availability of some services. In case of a situation when a node responsible for a service fails, the second one is able to take over this service and prevents from an unexpected downtime.

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