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Open-E partners are certifying and testing their systems in our laboratories. To learn more about our procedures click here, or read the reports provided with the systems below.

If you are Open-E partner and you want to certify your server - apply here.

Open-E Certified Systems

Open-E High Availability Certified Storage Servers

Systems certified for high availability clusters are suitable for a variety storage applications and additionally, provide exceptional performance as part of a failover cluster.

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Open-E Certified Systems

Open-E Certified Storage Servers

Systems certified by Open-E are suitable for all storage applications. Since they have different equipment and configurations, they perform even better in specific setups.

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Open-E Certified Systems

Open-E Tested Storage Servers

These systems perform below the expectations in one or more storage applications. However, they are still recommended for specific setups.

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SYS-Line TurboRACK i5241-R2
SYS-Line TurboRACK i5241-R2
TAROX ParX R104s G5
Intel R2224GZ4GC4
TAROX ParX R208s G5