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Open-E Pro Tips: How to Avoid the Consequences of a Ransomware Attack?

Comparing 2022 and 2023 in terms of ransomware attacks and reported incidents, we unfortunately see an upward trend. According to multiple sources, in 2022, a total of ~236 million ransomware ...

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Woman holding a cup of coffee and performing a transaction on her smartphone

Data Storage Solutions for Transactional Systems

In the storm of constantly generated enterprise data, it is important to use systems that let your company organize and distribute data among people in different teams. Managing the production ...

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How To Find The Best Data Storage Solution

Data Storage Product Comparison: Open-E DSS V7 vs Open-E JovianDSS

Over the past 25 years, Open-E has had to say goodbye to old “friends” several times. We are emotionally attached to our previous products because of the work and dedication ...

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The sun sets over Open-E DSS V7

All You Need to Know About Open-E DSS V7 End-of-Life

Open-E DSS V7, the product that you have been using and loving for years, is reaching its end of life on November 1st, 2024. This means that after this date ...

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Open-E Data Storage Solutions for Gaming Industry

We are fresh off of World Gaming Day, so it is a great opportunity to talk about something that most gamers don’t think about on a daily basis, yet what ...

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Cybersecurity with Open-E

At Open-E and on our blog, we mainly focus on the data storage market in terms of data protection, data availability, and efficiency. We do our best to provide you ...

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Major Cybersecurity Threats in 2024 and Beyond

Started in the USA as Cybersecurity Awareness Month and spread across the world, Cybersecurity Month reminds us that digitization has its challenges that companies in all countries need to face. ...

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How To Get Back Data Lost In The Event Of Ransomware Attack

How Do ZFS Snapshots Really Work?

Before discussing how a snapshot works in Open-E JovianDSS, we should start with its definition. Computer Weekly describes snapshots as “(…) technology commonly defined as a virtual copy of a ...

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data storage specialists working on the best solution for protecting their company data with Open-E JovianDSS

Top 7 Protection Features for Data Storage

Time is money and so is the data – one of our colleagues came up with this quote and it is basically a perfect answer to the question: why should ...

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Lucky 13 Hints to Ensure Data Storage Business Resilience

The data storage system is a complex infrastructure that needs to be looked after by every company that operates on data. Just as a car engine needs oiling, and checking ...

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