TAROX ParX R2082i G5
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    Deploy a High Availability cluster setup (NFS or iSCSI) with Open-E JovianDSS on TAROX ParX R2082i G5

    The innovative combination of Open-E JovianDSS on TAROX ParX R2082i G5 has been created for users that are seeking to deploy a High Availability cluster environment with NFS or iSCSI.  The certified system is ideal for VDI, Databases, Web servers and HA environments that support Private Clouds and Data Center workloads. It is a high-performing Enterprise platform offering exceptional efficiency and flexibility with  excellent computing, RAM, storage, I/O and network components with reduced latency. TAROX ParX R2082i G5 is the first Open-E certified system for High Availability.

    TAROX ParX R2082i G5 test results

    High Availability Ready storage for the modern Enterprise

    With the Open-E JovianDSS High Availability Cluster Feature Pack  the  TAROX  ParX  R2082i  G5  ensures  reliability  and  redundancy  through  failover  in  case  of  a  failure.  By  using  Open-E’s  cluster  management  software,  all  features  related  to  the  cluster  setup  can  be  quickly  accessed  and  maintained. Everything  is  in  one  place  and  guarantees ease of use for the storage administrator.  Moreover, Open-E  JovianDSS includes an independent Virtual IP (VIP) addresses feature. With  this, VIPs can be used by multiple servers and flexibly switched at all times.  When a hardware failure is detected, VIPs are automatically moved from  the  primary  to  the  secondary  node  without  the  client  servers  noticing  a timeout.



    Advantages of Open-E JovianDSS on TAROX  ParX  R2082i  G5:

    • Guaranteed data protection
    • Enhanced storage performance
    • Hardware independence
    • Simplified management
    • High Availability
    • Data compression
    • In-line data deduplication
    • Tiered RAM and SSD Cache


    The certified TAROX ParX R2082i G5 system includes automatic and scheduled multi-layer data integrity checks to ensure data consistency, while unlimited snapshots and clones make it is easy to implement a disaster protection strategy and to instantly roll back to a previous point-in-time. It works as a tiered storage environment and at the same time fuses the capacity of HDDs with the performance of SSDs in a single solution that offers high performance while lowering cost. Data compression and in-line deduplication additionally minimizes storage capacity usage.


    Certified solution with Technical Support

    The TAROX ParX R2082i G5 server has been certified by Open-E’s engineers for High Availability. This means it works seamlessly with Software Defined Open-E JovianDSS and performs excellent when a High Avaialbility cluster is deployed. Additionally, thanks to Open-E’s long-term cooperation with TAROX – every user of the TAROX ParX R2082i system can rest assured knowing they can count on technical support, from the initial installation to everyday tasks and maintenance.

    TAROX ParX R2082i G5 hardware information

    More details and specifications can be found in the Certification Report >>


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