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    We’d like to officially announce that update 27 of the ZFS-based Open-E JovianDSS is now available. In this article we have collected  detailed information on the new features in our software.


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    What’s new?

    In up27 we included the following new features:

    • Local LDAP users and groups authentication for SMB /CIFS protocol

    Open-E JovianDSS contains LDAP database. Such database gives users the opportunity to create their own users and groups for SMB protocol directly in the product. Before this update, having  authorization for SMB shares required connecting to the external Windows Active Directory user base.

    • Support for NVMe disks in High Availability Metro Cluster (Cluster over Ethernet)

    Option of using NVMe disks to build a Cluster over Ethernet (Metro Cluster) for a significantly better cluster performance, due to robustness of the NVMe drives.

    • Support for three ZFS pools in High availability cluster

    Support for up to three ZFS pools in High Availability cluster.So far users could configure an Open-E High Availability cluster with only two pools.

    • File-IO write-back and write-through modes for iSCSI volumes

    New File-IO mode with write-back and write-through options for iSCSI volumes. The File-IO mode provides much better performance, especially in regards to write-back option as it provides additional data caching layer  in RAM.

    • Block-IO mode for Fibre Channel volumes

    Possibility of using a Block-IO mode for Fibre Channel volumes. Until now, the software had only File-IO which means that up27 provides even greater choice and flexibility.

    • Additional system tuning option in TUI

    Possibility of changing the sysctl settings. This is a system tool that enables configuring different low level kernel parameters related to eg. network, filesystem.

    • Emergency option to disable ZFS pools import during system start

    With up 27 it is possible to run the system without ZFS automatic pools import (without the whole storage). This option can be very useful in some emergency situations.

    • Additional system log for  optimization report for Mellanox Ethernet/Infiniband Adapters

    If a server has a Mellanox card, this tool will add information (card stability,  state of the system and processor, firmware update requirements, and other tuning tips)  at system logs download.

    • Support for Broadcom BCM573xx and Broadcom BCM574xx controllers (bnxt v.1.8.54)

    Broadcom BCM573xx and Broadcom BCM574xx controllers are fully featured Ethernet LAN controllers for data centers and clouds which enhance efficiency and performance. Such adapters support 100G/50G/40G/25G/10G/1G in single-port configurations, as well as in dual-port ones.

    • Password modification for Adaptec MaxView and Broadcom MSM tools (System console -> Ctrl+Alt+r -> Storage controller tools)

    Option of changing the password for Adaptec MaxView and Broadcom MSM tools which are used to manage RAID and HBA controllers of Adaptec and Broadcom.Previously it was not possible to change the password so easily and with up27 users can set up and freely manage their passwords for Adaptec and Broadcom whenever there is such need.

    For the full list of new features, updates and fixes, please refer to Release Notes >>

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