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    Rebuilds and Replication Against Hardware Failure Consequences

    Hardware failure can be a show stopper for any shop without proper backups and hardware reserves. It can be very costly to send hard drives for data recovery. Even with a proper backup plan in place, failures can happen.

    To mitigate some of the headache, and expense in drive recovery, and downtime. We highly recommend data replication to another node, or volume replication to another DSS node be deployed. With replication in place, a real time picture of the data can be maintained and used if equipment should fail.

    As an example, if a hard drive fails in the RAID in a heavy duty storage system, it can take days to rebuild, potentially causing file issues on volumes if the controller fails the rebuild. This can affect file systems, as well as data on the volumes. Even after a successful rebuild, data can be lost and unrecoverable through any user action. This can cause long downtimes and inaccessible data. Using Data/Volume Replication and a good sound backup strategy, this can be avoided.

    We highly recommend a good strategy be followed. If you require assistance, please feel free to ask in our forums, or through the proper support channels for your product. More information can also be found at Open-E Blog – there is also information about various RAID levels.

    Even the most simple of backup solutions can help, even just an external USB hard drive can be utilized as a dynamic volume, with virtual tapes from inside DSS.

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    • hossein

      June 01, 06 2016 12:41:44

      i want to replace a hdd instead of a failed hdd
      help me please

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      • karolina.pletnia

        June 03, 06 2016 11:49:46

        Hello Hossein!

        Please create a ticket with our Technical Support team and attach the recent logs from your system. In order to create a support ticket, please go to your Open-E account here: https://www.open-e.com/portal/login/?next=/userportal/

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    • David

      July 04, 07 2016 05:16:06

      Hi, all

      I read the post and comments on this post… After that I did some survey also …I want to know that repairing HDD drive is more beneficial or buying a new one… because if the old one is in working condition, there is no need to buy a new one.

      In fact these days, experts can easy retrieve lost data from a broken or a failed drive.

      Kindly, karolina.pletnia guide me here.

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      • Karolina Pletnia

        July 12, 07 2016 08:48:51

        Hello David!
        HD’s are less expensive these days, repairing and reusing a drive can be a waste of time and probably would fail again soon anyway. Of course, experts may be able to retrieve data from a broken or failed drive, but this is quite an expensive task. FYI: Drives should be replaced due to their MTBF “Mean Time Between Failure” vendor specifications.

        Replication or mirrored data are safer and more reliable options.

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    • David

      July 13, 07 2016 10:10:00

      Thanks a lot Karolina Pletnia, I even talked to the experts of http://www.dataretrieval.us/ and they provided me with the same information that you did in the reply.

      Thank you so much for replying to the comment.

      Thanks again!!

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    • review rozerem

      August 14, 08 2023 03:29:30

      Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out more details.

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      • Paweł Brzeżek

        August 17, 08 2023 01:36:10

        Sure, for the topic-related videos, you can visit our YouTube channel, and here is one of our video-tutorials on data availability and replication we have recently created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vgjKwzDQuk

        I hope it helps!

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