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    How to Access Your NAS Share on an Android Device

    Last update: April 22, 2022

    Modern smartphones, having a computing power of desktops PCs from mid-2000s, are much more than just phones. Together with their younger siblings – tablets – they essentially became Personal Computers to the degree old-fashioned desktops and laptops were never even close.

    Although accessing emails from your phone is common now, accessing your company servers and data is a completely different story and it’s still relatively rare. With Open-E JovianDSS or Open-E DSS V7 and any Android phone or tablet, you can easily and securely access all data on your NAS shares over SMB protocol.


    This article assumes you are familiar with Open-E JovianDSS or DSS V7 and you can create and configure NAS shares.

    You will need the following to carry on with our instruction:

    • Open-E JovianDSS or DSS V7 with a NAS share created.
    • Android device with a file manager supporting SMB protocol. We use Total Commander in our example but there are other suitable as well, such as Astro File Manager.
    • Access to the relevant LAN network configured on your Android device.

    Installing mobile application and plugins

    Firstly, we will need to install a File Manager (Total Commander) together with a necessary plugin.

    1. In your device, download and install the Total Commander application. In the case of Total Commander we will need an additional plugin to be able to access shares over SMB protocol. To install it, go to Add plugins (download).

    2. Download and install the LAN (Windows network) Plugin (second option):

    Connecting to your NAS share

    Once installed, you can configure access to a new server in your mobile device.

    1. Tap the LAN (Windows shares) option:

    2. Tap <New server> to add your NAS server details:

    3. Select a name for the New server connection:

    4. Provide the name of your server (or IP) followed by the name of a relevant share.
    If your NAS share requires password authentication (see SMB settings of your Open-E software) you will need to provide it here:

    You can also browse through all shares on your NAS server – simply provide a server name (or IP) without specifying a particular share folder name.

    5. If anyone can access your NAS share (Guest option), leave the User name and Password fields blank.

    6. You should then be able to access the content of your NAS share.

    Try Open-E JovianDSS or DSS V7 for free and download your 60 day Trial version now!

    The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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    • Bash

      June 05, 06 2013 06:35:47

      I prefer es explorer (better interface imo), good job you mentioned it here. Well explained, thanks…

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    • Reisen

      May 06, 05 2016 09:30:38

      bookmarked!!, I really like your site!

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    • patrick

      May 07, 05 2018 08:34:22

      I cannot copy files towards the NAS using TC. Only local copy possible, even if installing LAN/SMB/ whatever plugin.

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      • Karolina Pletnia

        May 07, 05 2018 11:35:33

        Hi Patrick!

        Check if SMB access is possible from a Windows machine. If not, enable it and configure it correctly according to the Open-E DSS V7 Manual available on our website. Should you have more questions, contact the Open-E Support Team by email on pre-sales@open-e.com, they will provide you with an appropriate solution. Best regards!

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    • Guy Tomlinson

      June 19, 06 2019 07:39:05

      does it work connecting to an IP address with channel? eg

      can’t seem to get it to work? It seems to look for address 5000 only

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    • Guy Tomlinson

      June 19, 06 2019 11:10:35

      ok tried it without port number and it works! Didn’t think it would as it is on port 5000….

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      • Karolina Napieraj

        June 21, 06 2019 10:53:12

        Hi Guy! I’m happy it works 🙂

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    • wordpress

      January 12, 01 2020 03:12:01

      An intriguing discussion is worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you ought to write more on this subject,
      it may not be a taboo subject but typically people do not discuss these topics.
      To the next! All the best!!

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    • Brian

      June 23, 06 2020 11:20:22

      You don’t know how much time this info helped. In a matter of minutes I had access to my NAS.

      Thank you very much

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