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    Manage your storage with CLI and PuTTY (Plink)

    There are times when you are required to access your storage server remotely via the SSH (or a similar) protocol, using CLI instead of Web GUI. For this purpose, you can choose from a wide range of available terminal emulators. Our latest webcast explains how to access and manage Open-E DSS V7 using a popular PuTTY client (and a related command line application called Plink) in Windows.

    In the demonstration video, our moderator created a snapshot of a sample Open-E DSS V7 volume and presented how simple it is to manage it remotely from CLI.
    Full list of topics covered by this week’s webcast is shown below:

    • Enabling the Remote control access in Open-E DSS V7
    • Configuring a PuTTY client
    • Creating and managing snapshots in Open-E DSS V7
    • Accessing a snapshot share
    • Generating a SSH key in Open-E DSS V7
    • Converting an Open-E DSS V7 SSH key to Plink private key with PuTTYgen
    • Using Plink and ppk key for authentication (without password)
    • Demonstrating sample CLI commands for managing snapshots

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    Do you need detailed instructions for Remote Snapshot Control with CLI/API? Make sure you visit our How-to section on Open-E website.

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