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    Open-E DSS V7 as a virtual machine on VMware

    Most of us use Virtual Environments for production, testing, training or just for a demo. This is why we would like to be sure you know how to install our Open-E DSS V7 as a Virtual Machine.
    In this post we will do it with VMware.
    First, you need to download the Open-E DSS V7 TRIAL version from our website.
    Please download the ISO file. Next, in the VMware GUI upload the ISO into any existing data store.
    Now you can add the new VM. Please select the “custom” setup option in order to set more details.  Please use default settings, except for the following:

    • Guest Operating system: Other 2.6.x Linux (64bit)
    • Memory Configuration : at least 1GB
    • Network adapter:  VMXNET 3
    • SCSI Controller: VMware Paravirtual
    • Capacity of disk: 2GB (this disk will be used as a boot media for the Open-E DSS V7)

    If you are not familiar with VMware you may watch the step-by-step video:

    Download DSS V7

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    • NY

      August 13, 08 2012 06:30:31

      Perhaps I’m missing something here, but if you’re virtualizing DSS, what is used to present the storage to the VM? ie. – wouldn’t DSS need to be installed as the storage server’s OS to present targets to systems like VMWare? And if DSS is installed on the storage server, what is the purpose of using it as a VM? Thanks!

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      • Janusz Bak

        August 14, 08 2012 02:28:41

        Thank you for your question.
        There are so called VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance) solutions which can provide High Available iSCSI or NFS storage to Vmware hosts. In such case, you need at least 2 Vmware ESX hosts and on two hosts you can install virtual DSS. Next, you can configure iSCSI Failover or NAS(NFS) Failover and mount such exported volumes in ESX hosts.
        We have shown such a setup with the latest Active-Active iSCSI Failover on our webinar: http://www.open-e.com/service-and-support/library/webcasts-and-videos/
        Next to such practical use, you can find DSS as VM very useful for demo, training and testing.

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    • Oleg

      August 14, 08 2012 10:15:38

      How about vmware tools?

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      • Kasia Kolodziej

        September 07, 09 2012 11:07:58

        This is a great question Oleg. Currently, Open-E DSS V7 offers support for only the most important parts of VMware tools. The software incorporates support for VMware Paravirtual SCSI (PVSCSI) adapters and Paravirtualized NIC (VMXNET3) adapters. These drivers increase the speed of your network and make storage access work faster because of lower CPU utilization.

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    • Nicklas

      August 21, 08 2012 11:39:39

      Hi, how to do this on a Citrix Xenserver v5.6

      Thank you

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    • Milen Lyutskanov

      August 29, 08 2012 07:17:20

      Oleg’s question is very relevant! What about vmtools? … It’s work, but it’s like a sailboat without sails …


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    • Geoff

      July 16, 07 2013 12:31:40

      I need to be able to start/stop DSS from within ESXI.
      Without being able to install vmware tools, I guess this is not possible?

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      • Dominik Niewiadomy

        July 17, 07 2013 01:39:13

        You can use the vmrun command‐line utility to control virtual machines and automate guest operations on VMware virtual machines. The vmrun utility is included with the VIX API libraries. The VIX API libraries and the vmrun utility are often the best way to automate guest operations. The Power commands control these virtual machine operations: start (power on), stop (power off), reset (reboot), suspend (but allow local work to resume), pause (without interrupting), and unpause (continue).


        You can use the API function in the DSS V6 or V7 to allow ssh commands from the ESX to Restart and Shutdown (no Startup due to the ESX control at that point).

        SETUP -> administrator -> Function: CLI/API Configuration.
        reboot – Reboots the system.
        set_powersettings – Sets the power button action scheme.
        shutdown – Shuts the system down.

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    • Vlad

      September 23, 09 2016 09:18:23

      4 ears ago Oleg ask about vmware tools but we have nothing.

      Also exist problem with high CPU load/usage at idle (sometime 100%) when Open-E DSS v7 is installed as a Virtual Machine.

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      • Karolina Pletnia

        September 30, 09 2016 11:56:52

        Hello Vlad!

        Now we have also support for Guest OS shutdown commands. I recommend you to open a Support ticket in order to get the Small Update.

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    • Chris

      November 30, 11 2016 08:20:41

      anybody update the Open-E DSS V7 to 7.0up57.xxxx.21592 2016-10-14 b21592?
      After update my testlab virtual appliance in vmware workstation i see the error: H/W RAID DRIVE NOT SUPPORTED in volume manager. Eventlog: System could not activate the volume group vg+vg00 because it contained at least one hardware RAID disk that is not supported by Open-E DSS V7 SOHO.

      When i revert to 7.0up56.xxxx.19059 2016-02-29 b19059 all is fine.

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      • Karolina Pletnia

        December 14, 12 2016 08:43:40

        Hello Chris,

        In this case you should contact the Open-E Support Team by email on pre-sales@open-e.com, they will provide you with an appropriate solution. Best regards!

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    • Stanley

      January 21, 01 2017 03:07:22

      Hi to All,

      my Testlab has the Problem, like Chris after Update.
      Even a new Installation runs the same Way.
      Can you explain, how to solve, Please?

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      • Karolina Pletnia

        January 25, 01 2017 02:03:48

        Hello Stanley!

        If a similar problem occurs, I recommend contacting the Open-E Support Team by email on pre-sales@open-e.com . They will provide you with updates details and an appropriate solution. Regards!

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    • Kiran

      February 20, 02 2017 12:30:50

      Nice Article.
      Cloud you explain the common issues we face regularly in VMware Vsphere administration?
      VMware Geek

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      • Karolina Pletnia

        February 27, 02 2017 11:47:52

        Hey Kiran! I’m afraid we can’t really provide you with any helpful tips on this topic as we don’t know which common issues you are facing regularly. Please send us some details on those issues, or visit our Forum.

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