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    RAID Solutions made easy!

    An essential element of the data availability architecture is RAID. With a RAID configuration, you can achieve redundancy, lower latency, higher bandwidth for reading or writing, and recoverability from hard-disk crashes. Following our recent webinars, showing different RAID solutions, we decided to put together helpful RAID resources for you. With them, it will be easy to set up different RAID configurations using our data storage software Open-E DSS V7.

    RAID levels explained:

    RAID Calculator

    We know that your data is priceless – calculate how many disks you need to get it safe!

    RAID Calculator

    RAID tutorial videos

    Tune in to our webcasts and explore a few facts about RAID.

    • LSI RAID as passthrough device for VMware ESX


    •  Open-E DSS V7 verifying your SPEEDs for your RAID Array and NICs


    •  Proven SSD Cache advantages with LSI NYTRO MegaRAID


    •  What to do when your RAID controller Fails in Auto Failover


    •  Update your RAID controllers’ firmware


    • High Performance IOPS Storage Solutions with SSD Cache using LSI CacheCade Pro 2.0 RAID Controllers


    • Storage Solutions with Software RAID and Hot Spares


    • Installing Open-E DSS V7 with two SSDs for a RAID 1


    • Storage Solutions when the RAID Array halts the system while booting


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