High availability storage cluster solution with Open-E software

Nowadays, computers have become the primary working tool for many people. As we use computer systems for processing large amount of data and operating various types of critical services, continuity of access to these resources is a priority. A downtime caused by hardware failure may generate a huge loss for our businesses, or in a worst case scenario, even cost someone's health or life. To ensure business continuity, we build computer systems using high availability components. When it comes to high availability storage, HA clusters are one of the implementations.

High Availability storage cluster consists of at least two independent storage nodes, running under the control of relevant software. When one of the nodes fails, the other immediately takes over all of its duties. To make this solution work effectively and efficiently it is necessary to use high-end hardware and software.


Hardware designed for HA storage cluster solutions should meet the highest standards and represent high quality. Here are the general requirements for hardware:

  • A server platform with two quad-core CPUs for high performance
  • H/W RAID controller with support for RAID5 or RAID6 for data safety and high performance
  • Enterprise class SATA drives for high speed drive transfers and data reliability
  • Multiple network interfaces for efficient network connecting
  • Redundant power supply for system reliability


Providing uninterrupted service is the basic requirement for storage software. Only superior solutions can guarantee reliability and smooth continuous operation. Below are general requirements for software

  • Active-Active iSCSI failover for high availability
  • Support for SAS/SATA RAID Controllers for data safety
  • Built-in, SNMP-Based Monitoring System and E-mail notification for monitoring HA cluster nodes

We recommend Open-E DSS V7 with its new feature pack – iSCSI (SAN) Active-Active Failover as a comprehensive software for HA storage clusters. More information about requirements for various storage solutions (including HA clusters) can be found in the system requirements section.

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* Content refers to Open-E DSS V6. Open-E DSS V7 includes the features mentioned in this referral.

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