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    Cluster-in-a-Box setups with Open-E JovianDSS

    Open-E JovianDSS provides unlimited options to architect HA storage environments with SMB/CIFS, NFS and iSCSI protocols, and is the answer to almost any storage requirement, either as a single node, a virtualized HA setup or a Big Data cluster environment. The software is also highly flexible, which means it can be used in various cluster setups. In this article, we’d like to show you one of the many possible HA setups: a Cluster-in-a-Box.

    Cluster-in-a-Box system holds two servers and a common set of direct attached hard drives within one server enclosure. Since all necessary connections are pre-configured between the internal components, the system simplifies the physical setup and deployment of a two-node High Availability storage cluster. In order to avoid Single Points of Failure (SPOF) all system components (e.g. power supplies, fans, etc.) are redundant . The SAS hard drives, shared with both cluster nodes, are configured as a mirror (RAID 1) or as a RAID-Z so as to achieve additional redundancy.



    Open-E JovianDSS guarantees that both servers are utilized to the maximum, and at the same time it and enables load balance on both nodes. It is a compact and complete cluster solution that can be installed in a standard rack, which takes significantly less space than a standard multi-server solution. Of course, the system can be easily scaled up in future setups by adding external JBODs, if needed. All in all, in case a node failure appears, the other node repossesses all resources during failover and serves the nodes constantly.


    Examples for Cluster-in-a-Box setups

    The EUROstor ES-8700 CLB as well as the AIC HA401-LB2 are both 4U 24-Bay Cluster-in-a-Box solutions that are Open-E JovianDSS Certified High Availability Ready. They are offering high-availability in an active-active configuration. Both storage solutions support 12Gbs SAS and come with two Server Boards (one per node). Overall  cluster performance is significantly increased as both nodes process I/Os and provide simultaneous and balanced access to the logical devices. The systems provide the following benefits:

      • High-availability storage server optimized for mission-critical, enterprise-level storage applications
      • Fully redundant, fault-tolerant system supporting hot swappable compute nodes and storage drives
      • Two compute nodes, Active-Active configuration, each supporting two Intel®Xeon® Processors E5-2600 v3 and v4 product family
      • 10 GbE, PCIe NTB or SAS link between nodes for communication and failover
      • Built-in LSI SAS3x48R SAS/SATA expander per node
      • Intel® Trusted Platform Module (TPM) header to support Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (TXT)
      • 6 PCIe 3.0 slots


    Read the EUROstor ES-8700CLB Certification Report >>

    Read the AIC HA401-LB2 Certification Report>>

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