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    Data Storage Solutions for Digital Marketing

    Your company can have the best product in the warehouse or the highest quality services in the portfolio, and yet no one will buy it if it is not appealingly presented to the potentially interested audience. Marketing has been strongly connected with the usage of digital data, especially since the first online banner advertisement in 1994. What is so special about the data used by marketers, and why is their work crucial for a company’s success? Time to find out the best approach to data storage for successful digital marketing!

    The Basics of Marketing – Its Role and Goal

    Every business is different. One company may sell simple, relatively cheap products, which provide numerous smaller values in the cart. The other can sell some really expensive products and services that people buy once in a few years, in a decade, or even for a lifetime. And in yet another scenario, a company can sell its services in the form of a long-term commission. Some companies sell their products and services to individual people, while others do business with other companies. They can also vary in terms of the scale of their activities, with some operating nationally and others reaching beyond the borders!

    What is common for all these types of companies is their main goal – to catch customers’ attention and convince them to purchase products or services. This can be done either by the company’s in-house marketing team or by investing in professional marketing agency services. There are different marketing approaches, but at the same time, there is one common point for every single business and marketing strategy – the need for a reliable data storage foundation that supports promotional activities! You may ask – how does data storage support the process of brands’ marketing? Let’s find out!

    Why Does Digital Marketing Cause Special Data Storage Needs?

    Creating, editing, and sharing files are the three main actions that let marketers push their projects forward. The system that stores this data must ensure quick upload and download of files, as well as provide easy ways of sharing resources with other members so they can do their part of the job.

    Easy, Fast, and Safe Access To Data

    Having centralized, on-site data storage lets you enhance these processes by creating an all-flash data storage system, which makes your data storage much faster, or an HDD-base system equipped with caching mechanisms for a more budget-friendly option that keeps decent performance. Additionally, data storage centralization gives you more control over which users have access to specific data. This excludes the activity of unauthorized users but also provides a great tool for marketing agencies to share creations prepared for clients and to confirm the final effect before publishing.

    To quickly access data, you must first know where it is stored. Centralized data storage makes it simple, as it collects all the data in a single system, letting people easily search it and access demanded resources. It also has one more advantage, as centralized data storage is easier to control and protect from downtime. Have you ever wondered how interruptions in access to data can affect marketing activities?

    Marketing publishing plans that aim for success are densely filled to ensure constant brand visibility. That’s why the work of marketing teams must be not only fast but also constantly up and running. Any interruption of data access results in the delay of the marketing creation process, which causes further interruptions in executing marketing plans. That is why constant access to data is a must-have condition for marketing teams. It can be ensured by using data storage protection features like RAID configurations and creating backup servers. These are some example solutions that give you more control over unfortunate events, such as hardware failures.

    Marketing Team Working On a Project With Data Storage Based On Open-E JovianDSS Software

    How To Manage & Expand Data Storage Capacity for Marketing Data

    There are multiple forms of marketing, and it takes a lot of photos, videos, and other types of content to make the business visible and recognizable. They come in different shapes, sizes, and resolutions to match the defined styles of various social media platforms, website page elements, or email templates. The challenge of storing all this data becomes even more complicated when a company works with many different types of customers or when business activities have a wide global reach, which raises a need for creating regionally tailored materials. To achieve efficient management of the owned data storage system and its capacity, you can use virtualization, which allows you to flexibly allocate the available space and use it most efficiently by organizing and distributing free space for data, according to the current needs.

    The used data storage system must be easily scalable and ready to keep up with the constantly growing amount of generated materials. This can be achieved with the utilization of a system that uses software-defined storage, as it allows the company to flexibly expand the system capacity. What’s more – all this can be done with the best price-to-quality ratio, as this solution lets you choose from many different hardware components, so feel free to spend your budget the best way!

    The Best Practices To Match Marketing Data Storage Needs

    Considering the importance and amounts of data generated and used by the marketing teams, it becomes clear that as the business grows, storage capacity and reliability must also increase.

    And what if there was an option to create a data storage system that is protected on many layers – starting from the “cellular” level and becoming a smart configuration that protects all of your data?

    Suppose you want to ensure that your marketing activities are based on a stable foundation. In that case, you should consider implementing Open-E JovianDSS as software to manage, optimize, and protect your data storage. By choosing this solution, your company can easily create several data storage appliances in different locations and configure each one with several protection options that will grant you what we call Open-E JovianDSS On- & Off-Site Data Protection! This feature is the ultimate solution for all the data-driven marketing issues that your company is struggling with or might be bothered with pretty soon.

    Additionally, it lets you take full control of your data storage system, allowing you to create a centralized solution for storing data. What’s even more, Open-E JovianDSS provides you with a number of features for making your system faster, safer, and more flexible in terms of managing and expanding the available space for storing data.

    Don’t wait any longer, and ensure your business growth with the help of your experts. Let our 25 years of experience in the data storage market contribute to your company’s success!

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