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RAID Choice

Which RAID Serves You Best – Speed, Protection, and Storage in Data Management

Nowadays, constant data access is a basis of many industries to ensure fluid operations. Lack of such access can result in a loss of credibility among customers, a complete halt ...

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RAID 5: How does it work?

Updated 23/09/2021 A few years ago, we published an article ‘How does RAID 5 work? The shortest and easiest explanation ever’. We have to admit that this article enjoyed great ...

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DSS V6 Powered Duplex Server

DSS V6 Powered Duplex-Server, a Better Dual Controller

THIS ARTICLE IS LEGACY PRODUCT-RELATED NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY OPEN-E Recently I was reading an old post about the end of the Dual Controller Architecture. www.informationweek.com/news/storage/ Today, almost 4 years ...

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