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Lucky 13 Hints to Ensure Data Storage Business Resilience

The data storage system is a complex infrastructure that needs to be looked after by every company that operates on data. Just as a car engine needs oiling, and checking ...

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Logistics worker doing his duties

Data Storage For Logistic Processes With Open-E Solutions

Navigating the vast sea of data generated by logistic operations can be a daunting task. Like sailors charting a course through treacherous waters, system administrators must find a way to ...

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Data Storage in Gas and Oil Sector

The modern world relies heavily on oil and gas. Before we develop natural alternatives to cover most of the energy demand, these are the primary sources and essential inputs for ...

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data storage administrator using software-defined storage

Software-Defined Storage Usage in Business

Making work easier and more efficient is the ultimate goal for everyone. This includes data storage administrators who look for a good data storage solution that will be both cost-effective ...

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business people happy to provide business with ZFS and Open-E JovianDSS

How To Improve Your Business With ZFS

The smooth workflow of almost any business today is mainly based on data management. Media, transportation and logistics, finance, the public, government, or medical sectors – basically, you can list ...

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Open-E solutions for manufacturing data storage challenges

Manufacturing Data Storage Challenges & Open-E Solutions

Manufacturing creates products and challenges for data storage administrators. The assembly lines become more dependent on technology and different kinds of sensors – from the ones that measure factors like the ...

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Data storage challenges in the Financial sector open-e solutions

Data Storage Solutions For Financial Sector

Technological development in today’s business increasingly depends on the requirements imposed by the data storage protection regulations of the sectors concerned. These specific requirements are closely related to and determined ...

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Summary of 2022 at Open-E

In a Nutshell: Open-E in 2022

2022 was an intense time for Open-E. Needless to say, it was not an easy year and we suppose many other businesses are familiar with the situation. Still, we managed ...

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Data Deduplication in ZFS – Yes or Not?

When you scroll through the different data storage articles and read about the file systems’ specifications, you might come across such a catchy term as “data deduplication”. In case you ...

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The Magic of Failover or How to Avoid the System Downtime

While every data storage provider is concerned about protection by means of encryption, vividly describing the topics of ransomware, malware, and other kinds of possible hacker attacks, we tend to ...

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