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SATA vs SAS – What’s Better to Use in Business

First, let’s have a look at the main variables related to such storage device connections that may help to understand the nature of SATA vs SAS rivalry. See how both ...

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Exper Opinions

Expert Answers to Even the Most Complex Questions

In order to gain knowledge about a topic, we usually refer to experts from a given field. The same applies to the data storage market and the upcoming trends in ...

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data scrubbing

Keep Your Storage Secure and Scrub Data Regularly

According to the principle of entropy, everything that is ordered goes into disorder. The same happens to your data, once recorded and left with no guard, slowly decays – regardless ...

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SSD Performance Test- Blog 2018

Basics of SSD Performance Tests [2]: Garbage collection

Read the second part of our series of articles on the topic of SSD testing. Some time ago we’ve been discussing flash memory in general. You can read the first ...

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SSD: Marketing Versus Reality

We can read many articles about the pros and cons of Solid State Drives. We may also hear opinions about them – from supporters and opponents of this technology… and ...

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Data recycling

How to recycle data

What to do with old hard disks? What to do if your company is going to upgrade its equipment? How to get rid of any useless hardware? However we approach ...

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RAID 5? RAID 6? Or Another AltErnativEE?

Updated 19/11/2021 Here we are again with the next part of our RAID series. This time we’ll be taking a look at RAID 5, RAID 6, and two alternatives – ...

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