Higher Level of Certification: A Guide for Open-E Partners
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    Higher Level of Certification: A Guide for Open-E Partners

    Usually, in our articles, we look at different data storage needs in specific industries. We also provide reliable information about what Open-E JovianDSS is capable of. That would be supporting virtualization and HCI, providing tips for creating your own data storage infrastructure architecture, describing functionalities from a real-life and various markets perspective, and more. However, in this blog post, we’ll focus more on the hardware from the utility perspective, as we would like to showcase the Open-E certification process with all benefits our partners and their clients can expect from a certified data storage system. How it’s different from other companies’ certifications on the market? What’s the most important for us, and what’s your – our partner – role in this? Let’s dive deeper into Open-E Server Certification and its benefits.

    Elevate Your Server Utility

    Consult With Open-E Technical Specialists

    While supporting our partners at Open-E, we strive to go beyond the old-school service framework in almost every facet of the data storage business. Server certification is no different.

    The point is that from our perspective, the whole process is not just about testing hardware performance and optimizing its efficiency. It’s supporting partners on many levels, from selecting hardware for a specific area of server operation in their clients’ infrastructure to preparing advertising materials. We can easily say that the certification process consists of:

    • comprehensive consulting,
    • technical support,
    • marketing support.

    In order to advise and execute the certification well, it is essential for us to have a conclusive vision of the use of the final data storage setup. The certification process, according to Open-E, means both proper calculations of possible performance and the selection of hardware supported by our flagship software – Open-E JovianDSS – for specific tasks and setting up our system appropriately to the method of use. That’s why communication with our partners is so important to Open-E – our specialists strive to establish with you the actual goal. Whether the expected result is to prepare the fastest possible configuration, focusing on maximum efficient read or write operations speed. Or the most secure infrastructure possible, built on that server, providing maximally efficient data protection. Should it be a single-node system or a cluster?

    You know what your customers expect and need. You know which markets you wish to supply with your product. We are here to turn this vision into a real solution – tested in extreme conditions and optimized so you and your customers can rely on it, no matter what.

    Full Marketing Bundle to Stand Out

    But that’s not all! As mentioned above, what you can count on, is professional and appealing marketing collateral. Knowing who your target audience is and what are the purposes of the server’s future usage, we prepare flyers and white papers – basically, everything you can use to promote your server amongst your present and prospective clients. These materials highlight the benefits of applying the final system, emphasizing the advantages of using the particular components in a particular system and what Open-E JovianDSS can give once combined. Additionally, it will be listed on the Open-E website in the Certified Server section, among other exceptionally performing units.

    Open-E marketing materials for server certificate

    The Process

    There are two ways of starting the certification process with Open-E.

    • You are welcome to contact your Open-E Sales Representative directly. He will guide you on what to do in order to certify your server and advise on every step in the process.

    From the very beginning of our cooperation in this field, the partner’s vision matters to us most. For our sales professionals, assisting is more than just mediating between an organization requesting a particular piece of equipment and the technical department specialists responsible for creating a precise and efficient data storage management heart. It’s also expert consultation at every step of the way! Depending on whether the device you plan to prepare for your customers in a particular industry is aimed at maintenance of IT infrastructure, only locally or by deploying the Open-E On- and Off-site Data Protection, or whether it is to be a High Availability cluster ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. If you’re not sure what hardware exactly is at your disposal or which is best to apply to achieve your goal – don’t worry! Our Sales Professionals assist with this as well.

    If you choose to go this way, remember that the Other Preferences section in the bottom left corner is essential for us. Here you can let us know what purposes your server should answer and what you wish to accomplish with this hardware. Is there a relevant branch you want to supply? Should we focus mainly on speed, protection, and backup availability at any time? You know it best! However, if you decide to fill out the form independently, you should know all the components used and what the final configuration is.

    When Your Server Arrives at Open-E

    Once we receive your server, we start the certification process. It involves running various tests and benchmarks on your server to evaluate its performance, stability, and compatibility mentioned above. The tests may take several days or weeks, depending on the complexity of your server configuration and the type of certification chosen in the application form.

    The Documentation

    After the tests, when your server is certified, we send you the certification and marketing documentation in PDF format along with a printed diploma attesting server/cluster certification. In addition, you receive an official certificate proving that your server has been certified by Open-E.

    The documentation contains a complex report with the test results. These are detailed scores and ratings of the hardware, and processes like read/write speed, multiple performance types, power, etc. There’s no point mentioning it all here, as the list goes on and on. Basically, you will know about your server more than you think!

    Finally, we list your certified server on our website, along with its specifications and features. This way, potential customers can easily find and compare your server with other certified servers. You also benefit from our technical support as a certified partner. The marketing materials may be used, e.g., to highlight your hardware’s uniqueness and reliability, as it’s provided in clear and eye-catch form.

    Open-E certification brochure

    The Schedule

    The whole certification process lasts about a month. Each step takes some time and can be described in a table:

    Certification timeline

    Open-E certification timeline

    You may wonder, why Open-E needs access to your system for at least two weeks. It’s because we want to have the most accurate and reliable test results and to have enough time to deal with potential issues. We run various tests and benchmarks on your system, such as performance, stability, functionality, and compatibility. These tests may require different system configurations, software updates, or hardware replacements. Therefore, we need sufficient time to test and experiment with your system, to find the best and optimal settings for relevant server usage purposes or performance hot spots.

    Leave it With Us

    Providing us with direct access to your system for at least two weeks comes with a number of benefits:

    • You receive a thorough and comprehensive certification report that covers all aspects of your system’s performance, reliability, and compatibility with our software.
    • You are able to add more components to your system’s certification, such as additional drives, network cards, or controllers. We test these components with your system and include them in the certification document.
    • You benefit from our continuous software development and improvement. If we release a new version of our software during the time your system is provided to us, we automatically test and certify your system with the new version, without any additional costs or delays.

    There is also an option to provide us access to your system not limited to the test duration. Once you do this, we can ensure compatibility with future versions of the software, which is constantly evolving and updating for your benefit. This makes the whole process free of charge (excluding the shipping costs).

    On-site > Remote

    Why not a remote certification? – you may ask. Well, we refrain from conducting remote certifications for several reasons.

    • First of all, testing the server or cluster is a complex process requiring detailed oriented approach from our technicians. Only by having the hardware on-site can they be sure each part was correctly placed in the unit.
    • Secondly, the network connection may be an issue as well. At Open-E, we have our test environment well prepared, so nothing unexpected happens while the certification takes place.

    Platinum Partner Profits

    Certification gives you even more profits in regard to cooperation with Open-E. This is one of the achievements required to become an Open-E Platinum Partner, which is the highest rank allowing to enjoy exceptional benefits. You can find them listed below:

    Open-E certification benefits Platinum Partner

    As you can see, the Open-E Server Certification differs from others available on the market, as you get far more than just hardware. So if you have an idea of how to supply your customers with a unique solution improved by Open-E – don’t hesitate and let us know!

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