Hardware (and Software) Compatibility List *

  • With the tool below you can verify compatibility of your existing hardware with Open-E software.
  • You can also find compatible hardware if you are looking for something new.
  • For products compatible with an older version or specific build number of DSS look in HCL Advanced Search.
  • Tested and certified systems powered by Open-E are under Storage Servers Certified by Open-E.

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product name:



Open-E DSS V7

64bit (x86_64)

10529 (2014-02-21)

Vendor Device DI CC CP CO
Select Hardware Type first.

*Only part of the products was proofed by Open-E QA team, for more information see table below:

DI - assumption of compatibility based only on presence of driver for the particular hardware component

CC - compatibility confirmed by Open-E community

CP - compatibility confirmed by Open-E Partner

CO - compatibility confirmed by Open-E QA team

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