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"The Open-E NAS Enterprise software is the most economic alternative the storage market has to offer for Network Attached Storage. It covers the filing requirements of even large companies with thousands of employees; in addition it integrates seamlessly into their organisational structures thanks to its integrative abilities and scalability, and thus saves additional administrative costs on a large scale"


Mr. Daniel Tuchinsky

Head of Life Sciences department

BAR Ilan University


"The SGI solution was able to serve hundreds of researchers per computer and was extremely successful," says Dr. Woller. "But scaling these systems to keep up with the fast-growing volumes of data proved almost impossible." And according to Dr. Woller, this meant DESY would have had to purchase the same system again, "which neither the budget nor reason allowed."


Dr. Knut Woller

IT head

Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron


"From my point of view, I can wholeheartedly recommend Open-E NAS for small- and medium-sized enterprises. The system is reliable, good value in terms of setup and running costs, difficult, if not impossible, to hack, and I am also pleased with the support from the manufacturer. If need be, you have a direct line to a support team, and the sales staff is professional and knows what I’m talking about"


Mr. Ralf Cordoni

Head of IT Systems Maintenance

Klinikum Oldenberg

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