Open-E Wins DCS Awards 2024 in the Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year Category!

Open-E wins DCS Awards 2024 for the "Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year", an honour to our advancements in Open-E JovianDSS Up30.

Open-E Wins DCS Awards 2024 in the Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year Category!

Date: May 28, 2024

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We are thrilled to announce that Open-E has secured the prestigious "Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year" award at the DCS Awards 2024. The ceremony, held on May 23rd at the Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul’s, celebrated our exceptional advancements in the field of data storage. This year’s Open-E delegation team consisted of Open-E Vice President of Engineering - Mirosław Franek, and Open-E Marketing Team Manager - Paweł Brzeżek.

In this year's edition, we were nominated in two categories: "Outstanding Contribution to Skills and Training" and "Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year." While both nominations are a testament to our dedication to excellence, it was the update of our flagship product, Open-E JovianDSS, that clinched the victory for storage innovation.

The Open-E JovianDSS Up30 version was packed with innovative features that have significantly enhanced the landscape of data storage possibilities for our customers. This release underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, reliability, safety, and cost-efficiency.

Among the standout features of Open-E JovianDSS Up30 is the introduction of ZFS Special Devices, allowing users to allocate high-performance storage devices, such as SSDs or NVMe drives, for specific data types like metadata or small file blocks. This "data-type tiering" approach boosts overall system performance by prioritizing critical data.

Additionally, NVMe Partitioning in Open-E JovianDSS Up30 optimizes NVMe capacity utilization, offering flexibility in partitioning disk space for various functions, thus streamlining storage architecture and reducing costs. The "Send Compressed Data" feature in On & Off-Site Data Protection improves data transmission efficiency, crucial for handling large datasets.

Enhancements like MacOS Time Machine support over SMB, Active Directory support for multiple trusted domains, and numerous other upgrades broaden the compatibility and functionality of JovianDSS Up30. Features such as SSD TRIM for selected drives and new GUI and TUI enhancements further demonstrate our commitment to delivering top-tier storage solutions.

The award ceremony was a grand event, bringing together data storage experts and enthusiasts from around the globe. It provided a platform for professionals to network, share insights, and celebrate their achievements. Our win in the Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year category highlights our innovative spirit and the strong engagement of our community of experts and enthusiasts.

This recognition not only proves our technical proficiency but also our dedication to fostering a knowledgeable and skilled community. As the data storage industry continues to evolve, we remain at the forefront, driving innovation and setting new standards in data storage solutions.


DCS Awards 2024, Open-E Wins the Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year Award