Open-E Partner Program

What is the Open-E Partner Program?

Open-E is a software company that cooperates with a large number of leading storage solution providers. Despite the large network formed by our partners we make every effort to treat each of them individually - according to their specific needs. Our authorization is also a guarantee of compatibility, quality and trust that we confide in our partners. Our logo endorses industry-leading hardware manufacturers. This is why we are confident that every implementation based on our software will be successful.

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Reasons to join Open-E Partner Program:

Partnering with a company that has more than 20 years of expertise, 40,000 installations in over 100 countries and stays on top of technology innovations thanks to long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Intel, Toshiba, WD and more


Enjoy generous benefits such as free sales training and use of Open-E products within organization for demo and training purposes


Increase profitability through generous margins


Access tools, marketing resources, support and services that help you build powerful solutions


Be enabled to deliver cost-effective solutions and meet customer demands for data storage, business continuity and data protection


Hundreds of satisfied partners from all countries make profit by working with Open-E and rely on our well-established partnership

partner program

Flexible and simple partner program with clear requirements and substantial amount of benefits

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Partnership levels

Open-E offers four different levels of partnership. Every partner starts as an Authorized Partner. With the growth of our co-operation, Open-E offers Authorized, Silver, Gold and Platinum Partnership levels, each with an increased amount of benefits and requirements.

Open-E Platinum Partner
Platinum Partner

With this level, partners are allowed to sell Open-E’s JovianDSS with additional benefits. This product requires two certified engineers and one certified system – advanced expertise with Open-E and its products is essential. Platinum is the most sophisticated level of Open-E partnerships and includes special margins and benefits.

Open-E Gold Partner
Gold Partner

This is a prestigious level of partnership designed for experienced business partners whose primary focus is the data storage market. This proves a long-term commitment to our mutual success and customer satisfaction by promoting and selling Open-E technology. Gold Partners have access to our whole range of business benefits derived from highly-skilled specializations in our software products.

Open-E Silver Partner
Silver Partner

This high-level partnership is dedicated to rapidly growing partners focused on achieving success by offering Open-E technology. Partners at this level are interested in getting more profit from a long term relationship with Open-E and want to help us build our storage market position.

Open-E Authorized Partner
Authorized Partner

This level is the introduction to a stronger business relationship with Open-E. Authorized Partners get familiarized with market opportunities for continuously increasing sales of Open-E products. They are interested in the inherent advantages of our knowledge resources and want to promote Open-E's storage solutions.


Partner levels are assigned separately for each unique activity you report. For each of those activities, there are different criteria based on our agreement details.

Open-E Technology Partners

We work closely with leading technology hardware and software vendors to ensure interoperability with our software. Our alliances include technology industry leaders such as Intel, Toshiba, Citrix, Avago, Symantec, AIC, and many more.

Open-E Certified Engineer

Certification as an OECE verifies that an engineer has demonstrated the ability to work smoothly with Open-E's Storage Software, especially snapshots, backups, replications and failover. An OECE can easily implement Open-E products into complex IT environments and has comprehensive knowledge and experience of the software.

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Open-E Certified Sales Professional

Open-E certification training for Sales Professionals is a way to gather both the knowledge about both Open-E, as well as the best practices in offering complex data storage solutions to customers and advising them in choosing critical parts of IT infrastructure. OECSP graduates are empowered to sell the best on the market solutions and achieve the business objective of their companies and their customers.

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Certified Storage Server Program

Open-E provides partners the opportunity to have their storage servers tested and certified in the Open-E labs. The certification provides benefits for both storage vendor and customer, guaranteeing system performance and functionality through extensive testing, according to the Certified Storage Server Program Guide.

Systems certified with Open-E JovianDSS provide superior performance, security, scalability, and fast ROI. Available certifications and tests:

  • Open-E High Availability Certified Storage Servers
  • Open-E Certified Storage Servers

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Take part in our live demos with Open-E Engineers

  • Several online meetings - each discussing a different Open-E JovianDSS functionality.
  • Chance to ask questions while and after the presentation.
  • Opportunity to understand how Open-E JovianDSS works without any installation or setup.