Open-E Technology Partners

We work closely with leading technology hardware and software vendors to ensure interoperability with our software. Our alliances include technology industry leaders such as Intel, AMD, VMware, Symantec, Adaptec, LSI, Supermicro and many others. We also work with emerging vendors to deliver support in our software for upcoming technologies such as 10Gb Ethernet, InfiniBand and Virtualization. This allows our OEM and system integrator partners to customize and build the affordable, scalable and secure storage systems of their customers’ choosing.

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Toshiba Electronics Europe

Toshiba has remained at the forefront of the storage industry for over 40 years and offers the industry's most comprehensive range of storage technologies, from hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs), and solid state drives (SSDs) to NAND flash memories. Toshiba owns design, development, manufacturing, sales, and other infrastructure functions spanning the enterprise, mobile, and consumer environments for both HDD and SSD products. As a leading provider of integrated storage solutions, Toshiba sets many of today’s industry standards for storage technology. In addition, Toshiba offers an extensive range of advanced technology drives such as high durability 24/7, extended temperature and SSDs for the consumer, industrial, enterprise and automotive sector.


The Intel® Storage Builders Program has been designed for companies developing and selling data storage solutions on a variety of operating systems and platforms. Working closely with Intel allows us to improve all aspects of a company's development - also in the area of market visibility. This means, that we provide you with all the necessary tools needed for your company’s success.


KIOXIA Europe GmbH (formerly Toshiba Memory Europe GmbH) is the European subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of flash memory, solid state drives (SSDs) and software solutions. They are uniquely positioned with our broad product range to enable our customers to really drive their storage transformation. By working together with customers across all growing markets like mobile, edge, cloud, data center and automotive, they provide leading memory technology and are able to help accelerate the development of transformational solutions that really add value to end-users, creating new ways for them to interact and benefit from this technology, and create uplifting experiences that ultimately help to change the world.

Western Digital

Western Digital Corporation is an American computer hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage company. It designs, manufactures and sells data technology products, including storage devices, data center systems and cloud storage services. Western Digital has a long history in the electronics industry as an integrated circuit maker and a storage products company. It is also one of the larger computer hard disk drive manufacturers. The company provides an extensive choice technologies, systems, and storage solutions, marketed under WD® brands, HGST, the G-Technology®, SanDisk®, Tegile®, and Upthere®.


VMware was founded in 1998 and is based in Silicon Valley, California. VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions, ranging from desktops and datacenters to cloud computing infrastructure. VMware's desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, while VMware's enterprise software hypervisors for servers, VMware ESX and VMware ESXi, are bare-metal embedded hypervisors that run directly on server hardware without requiring an additional underlying operating system.


For nearly 30 years, ATTO Technology, Inc., has been a global leader across the IT and media & entertainment markets, specializing in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for the most data-intensive computing environments. ATTO works with partners to deliver end-to-end solutions to better store, manage and deliver data. Working as an extension of customer’s design teams, ATTO manufactures host and RAID adapters, network adapters, storage controllers, Thunderbolt-enabled devices, switches, bridges and software. ATTO solutions provide a high level of connectivity to all storage interfaces, including Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, 40/10GbE and Thunderbolt. ATTO is the Power Behind the Storage.


Citrix is a multinational corporation founded in 1989. Their solutions help IT and service providers build both private and public clouds, leveraging virtualization and networking technologies to deliver high-performance, elastic and cost-effective cloud services. Citrix products are in use at more than 260,000 organizations and by over 100 million users globally.


Dell, Inc. is a global information technology company, which designs, develops, manufactures and distributes computer systems and related products and services. The company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide. Dell is well known for its customer-driven innovations and addressing real-world needs.


AIC is a leading provider of both standard OTS, off-the-shelf, and OEM/ODM server and storage solutions. With expert in-house design capabilities, validation, manufacturing and production, our broad selection of products are highly flexible and are configurable to any form factor or custom configuration. AIC leads the industry with nearly 20 years of experience in mechanical, electronic, system-level engineering as well as a dedication to product innovation and customer support. Headquartered in Taiwan, AIC has offices and operations throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

AMD - Advanced Micro Devices

AMD was founded in 1969 and is a multinational semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California. Its main products include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors—for servers, workstations and personal computers—and embedded systems applications. AMD’s graphics and computing technologies power a variety of solutions including PCs, game consoles and servers that drive the Internet and businesses.


Acronis is an international computer software company, dealing in the area of computer backup, disaster recovery, bare-metal restore, system deployment, and storage management. Acronis provides IT solutions for both the home, and small and medium enterprises. Its patented disk imaging technology enables corporations, SMBs and consumers to protect their digital assets.


Areca has produced RAID controllers since 1999, when it was founded by a group of engineers primarily from the most distinguished technology institute in Taiwan. Areca provides storage products for virtually all areas of the storage market including DAS, NAS, and SAN. All PCI, SCSI, and Fibre disk array controllers support RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 or JBOD.


Asus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, graphics cards, displays, desktop PCs, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones and networking devices. The company ranks among BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100 for 12 consecutive years, and is in the world’s top 3 of consumer notebook vendors. Just in the year 2010, ASUS and its products garnered 3,398 awards!

Broadcom / Avago Technologies / LSI / Emulex

Broadcom Inc. is a global infrastructure technology leader built on 50 years of innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. With roots based in the rich technical heritage of AT&T/Bell Labs, Lucent and Hewlett-Packard/Agilent, Broadcom focuses on technologies that connect our world. Through the combination of industry leaders Broadcom, LSI, Broadcom Corporation, Brocade and CA Technologies, the company has the size, scope and engineering talent to lead the industry into the future.


Chenbro was founded in 1983 and is a manufacturer which produces well-known chassis for PC’s, Pedestal Servers, Rackmount Servers and HDD’s enclosures. Chenbro Micom also offers accessories including LED boards, HDD trays, expander cards, air ducts, cables, PSU brackets, fans, mounting kits, internal HDD brackets, HDD cages, I/O gaskets, PC front bezels, power cords, rear windows, riser cards, and slide rails.

Marvell (former Qlogic)

Marvell is a one of the leading, innovative producers supplying adapters, switches, routers and power ASICs that power data, storage and server networks for leading Global 2000 corporations. Marvell was created in 1994 and since then the company delivers a broad range and diverse portfolio of networking products that include Converged Network Adapters for the emerging Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) market, Ethernet adapters, Fibre Channel adapters and switches and iSCSI adapters and routers. They move, store, process and secure the world’s data with semiconductor solutions designed for customers’ current needs and future ambitions.

Micron Technology

Micron Technology, Inc., is a global leader in advanced semiconductor systems. Micron's broad portfolio of high-performance memory technologies—including DRAM, NAND and NOR Flash—is the basis for solid state drives, modules, multichip packages and other system solutions. Backed by more than 35 years of technology leadership, Micron's memory solutions enable the world's most innovative computing, consumer, enterprise storage, networking, mobile, embedded and automotive applications. Micron's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the MU symbol. To learn more about Micron Technology, Inc. visit

Microsemi / PMC Sierra / Adaptec

Adaptec is one of the leading computer hardware brands (owned by PMC-Sierra) which provides highly available storage access solutions. Adaptec offers products for datacenters and cloud computing environments, which are made to interface with SCSI, Serial ATA, and Serial attached SCSI. Some of its host adapters are used to perform SSD caching of hard drives. Adaptec is also used to brand battery modules to support its host bus adapters and storage interface cables.


Seagate was founded in 1979 and is one of the world's largest providers of hard disk drives. It has been at the forefront of the storage industry for over 30 years. The company produce storage devices, including hard drives, solid–state drives and hybrid drives. Seagate’s products enable high–performance desktop and laptop systems, along with ultraportable devices such as netbooks and thin laptops. Seagate delivered the industry’s first 2TB, 7,200–RPM desktop hard drive, along with the world’s first 7mm, 2.5–inch form factor drive.


Supermicro or Super Micro Computer, Inc,, established in 1993, is one of the leading companies in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation. The Ready To Go range of storage servers has been created by Supermicro UK and incorporates the latest advancements in technology to meet the demands of today's data driven world.


Tyan was created in 1989 and is a manufacturer of computer motherboards, including models for both Intel and AMD processors. Tyan develop and produce high-end server, SMP, and desktop barebones systems as well as provide design and production services to tier 1 global OEMs, and a number of other regional OEMs. Their highly stable, space-efficient products are very attractive to OEMs and system Integrators designing next generation rackmount server solutions for a wide array of applications.

XILINX / Solarflare

Xilinx is the inventor of the FPGA, programmable SoCs, and now, the ACAP. Their highly-flexible programmable silicon, enabled by a suite of advanced software and tools, drives rapid innovation across a wide span of industries and technologies - from consumer to cars to the cloud. Xilinx delivers the most dynamic processing technology in the industry, enabling rapid innovation with its adaptable, intelligent computing.

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