Advanced HPC

Advanced HPC, Inc. is a provider of high-performance computing platforms and linux clusters as well as data storage and backup solutions. Our line of products includes linux cluster solutions as well as high-performance servers and workstations, disk storage products such as Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Direct Attached Storage (DAS), tape backup solutions from external tape drive to enterprise-class libraries, disk-to-disk-to-tape solutions and data deduplication solutions, backup software and virtualization solutions.

Covered products

Open-E DSS V7
Open-E JovianDSS

Company services

System Builder
gold partner

Advanced HPC

8228 Mercury Court, Suite 100

92111 San Diego, California

United States of America


Open-E Certified Engineer

This certification verifies if an engineer has gained the ability to implement and work efficiently with Open-E software, as well as has a comprehensive knowledge base.

OECE for Open-E JovianDSS

Open-E JovianDSS (ver.1.0 up01 to up28)
Certificates: 2 Engineers

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