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vCloud Group is more than just different strands within the cloud computing domain. We believe that the cloud concept can be adapted to all areas of business with the correct use of technology.

Cloud computing goes beyond putting your data or server in the cloud. Whether it’s a computer network, home theatre, software development, a security systems or hosting services, vCloud Group brings the cloud concept to every aspect utilised by companies today.

Why choose the vCloud Group?
Today, price does not determine what support, solutions or service is received, so it is very important to choose the right service provider.

When speaking to companies, most are looking for a solution that answers the following questions:

Does it meet their requirements?
What type and level of support is provided?
But other scenarios to consider are:

Can we have multiple solutions through the same provider?
Removing/limiting downtime and constantly spending wasted time on the phone.
Can we save money by having multiple solutions provided by one provider?
Consolidate solutions, save money and less people to deal with or contact.
The last thing we want to see is the constant hand balling from other providers because downtime for your company is a headache for ours. Therefore here at vCloud Group, whether it is a phone system, wifi, printer or firewall solutions and anything cloud computing, we are your one stop provider, with no hand balling involved.

Covered products

Open-E DSS V7
Open-E JovianDSS

Company services

ISP / Data Center
MSP / System House
System Builder
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vCloud Group Australia




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