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The Vanity is a boutique VFX house located in Toronto. The company specializes in visual effects, motion design, and coloristics, creating commercials and moving stories for top brands in the USA. In order to improve the production process and face the increasing amount of content, the Vanity required a data storage solution that would meet all the requirements, including:

  • High level of reliability with no downtime,
  • Scalability to adjust the growth of content,
  • Cost-effectiveness with maximum efficiency,
  • Multiple access options to the data,
  • A storage solution with minimized maintenance.
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To respond to the rapidly growing amount of data stored and processed as well as to the increasing number of artists in the team, the Vanity decided to collaborate with CineSys.

The Chosen Solution

The Vanity has chosen a CineStor NAS data storage solution, powered by ZFS- and Linux-based Open-E JovianDSS data storage software as the current storage expansion. The CineStor NAS shared cluster ensures High Availability and provides access to multiple users without any specific need for the IT Administrator. The system is compatible with various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac, allowing the artists of the Vanity to read and write the data directly in the desired applications.

The total capacity of 1024 TB has ensured the system's readiness for working with a tremendous amount of data, including high-quality design materials and artistic projects. Thanks to this, the company can start expanding its plans for future advancements.

This case study was prepared with the help of our partner CineSys Inc. Click to visit Bright future at The Vanity with new CineStor NAS article.

Technical details

Total capacity: 1024TB
High Availability: Standard HA Cluster Feature Pack
License: Open-E JovianDSS
Features: Standard HA Cluster Feature Pack
Support: 1-year Standard Support

About CineSys

CineSys is a Broadcast and Media Systems Integrator providing solutions, integration and support for digital content creators across North America. With decades of IT experience and a foundation in M&E, CineSys serves a range of industries from broadcast and post production to government, corporate, agency, houses of worship and sports. Their goal is to help companies get the most out of their technology investment, to accelerate workflows with cutting edge technology and strengthen infrastructures.

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