Boosting Performance, Speed, and Endurance for Key Workloads with Intel® Optane™ SSDs

The indispensable supplement for your data storage solution.

In this solution brief, you will find a detailed description of each stage of the certification process, including testing and results obtained. The greatest benefits of the certified hardware include:
  • Consistent high performance and low latency. The unique architecture of Intel® Optane™ SSDs helps deliver consistently high IOPS regardless of whether the SSDs are used as a read cache or a writelog.
  • High endurance. Intel Optane SSDs can provide better endurance compared to NAND drives, enabling the potential for a longer server life cycle.
  • Right-sized capacity. Available in a wide range of capacities, organizations can choose the Intel Optane SSD that is best suited for the desired role, such as writelog, read cache, or boot drive.

Customer Needs

The essentials for every data storage solution in modern enterprises are formed with the following needs:

  • Improved performance at an affordable price.
  • High capacities due to exponential data growth.
  • Increased performance of HDDs setup while still taking advantage of what HDDs have to offer.

Open-E listens to customer requirements feedback, which forms the basis of our regular evaluations that measure available storage technologies against customers’ storage, backup & recovery, and business continuity needs. That is why Open-E ran a series of tests to evaluate the performance of the newest versions of the Intel® Optane™ SSDs as writelogs and read caches, testing both write and read operations, all managed using its Open-E JovianDSS application.

Testing Details

Testing has shown that all of the Intel® Optane™ disks are capable of achieving incredible performance in the intended application. This new generation of Intel® drives will assist in the creation of enterprise-grade data storage setups that can meet even the most demanding business purposes.

For the above-mentioned cases, functional and performance testing was performed for single node configuration and functional testing for High Availability non-shared storage cluster configuration. Detailed descriptions for each of the tests are included in the:


The Intel® Optane™ P5800X, regardless of whether it’s the 800GB or 1.6TB variant, is strongly recommended as a read cache for HDD data disks thanks to its high performance and low latency when compared to the same pool without a read cache. Open-E knew that the capacity of each disk would play a significant role in what role the disk can be recommended for. For instance, the Intel® Optane™ P5800X with a capacity of 400GB works great as a writelog for HDD data disks given its high endurance, so it should be considered for setups that require high write rates (high CPU performance and increased network bandwidth) as it can support high write performance.

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