Open-E JovianDSS Accelerates Your Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Enhance Your Data Storage Infrastructure with Virtualization!

Our brochure contains everything you need to know about data storage in hyper-converged infrastructure. Explore all the benefits that come with it, including:
  • Energy savings
  • Hardware compatibility and availability
  • Capacity growth support
  • Single point of management
  • Data Protection in a new environment
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Download the Brochure

.PDF file, 9.8 MB

A big step for data storage, and even bigger for your budget efficiency!

Hyperconvergence is the next step in data storage evolution. The traditional approach is based on separate parts, which work together. It includes data storage, server, and network, which are managed separately. What hyperconvergence brings to our server rooms, is the possibility to unite these parts and manage them with a single view. It lets us to combine multiple physical parts into one logical entity with common management.

By simplifying and reducing the waste of resources, hyperconvergence lets you store data easier and cheaper by smartly distributing the capabilities of the combined components.

Your Hyperconvergence Upgrade Manual

If you think about upgrading your current infrastructure, this brochure can be a good point of check. Compare the possible options for the current situation in your company. By reading this document, you will get an expert review of the:

  • Configuration options
  • Real case studies involving hyperconvergence
  • Virtualization challenges
  • Hardware recommendations
  • CPU, RAM, and network requirements
  • Open-E JovianDSS configuration tips
  • Synergy between VMware and Open-E JovianDSS in the hyper-converged environments

Discover new ways to organize and manage your data storage infrastructure! By using hyper-converged infrastructure and virtualization you can use the most of your data storage capabilities and find the best solution for storing your company’s data!

Download the Brochure

.PDF file, 9,8 MB

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