Review of Thomas-Krenn Open-E RA1112 Metro Cluster

Professional system and network administrator at IT Administrator, a technology magazine for admins, have taken a closer look at the Thomas-Krenn Open-E RA1112 Metro Cluster, a solution created from Thomas-Krenn hardware and Open-E software.

The review includes a complex overview of the solution’s features, performance, accessibility, sharing options, and more. The following benefits of the solution have been confirmed by the reviewer:

  • Guaranteed data security
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • High Availability
  • Unlimited number of snapshots
  • File-based sharing
  • Impressive mirror performance
  • Intuitive and simple web GUI
  • Perfectly suited for VMware environments
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Mirror, Mirror in the Data Center

With the Open-E RA1112 (All-Flash) Metro Cluster, Thomas-Krenn launched a compact storage appliance based on the robust and well-known Open-E JovianDSS operating system. The system is based on the ZFS file system and Linux, and that is the reason why Thomas-Krenn chose to rely on Open-E JovianDSS for the operating system when building the RA1112 - it not only ensures the integrity of the stored data but also supports almost unlimited storage capacity and very large files. Shortly, two identical servers form a metro cluster to ensure highly available data storage through synchronous mirror operation and IT Administrator reviewers took a look at this dual server setup in their lab.

About Thomas-Krenn

Thomas-Krenn.AG is a leading, fast growing manufacturer of individual server and storage systems. Since 2002, the company has been supplying end customers, resellers and data center operators with high-quality hardware according to the build-to-order principle. As a solution provider for individual customer projects, Thomas-Krenn.AG also stands for the highest service quality in the areas of hardware development, contract manufacturing, product refinement, and logistics. This makes it a recognized and reliable partner for industry, system houses, service providers, and medium-sized end customers from all sectors. Thomas-Krenn.AG currently employs around 160 people and produces all servers in Germany at its headquarter in Freyung, Bavaria.

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