Open-E’s Product End-of-Life Policy


Products reach the end of their Product Life Cycle for a number of reasons.
These reasons may be due to market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes in the product or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by new advanced functions and richer technology.

While this is an established part of the overall product life cycle, Open-E Inc. recognizes that end-of-life milestones often prompt companies to review the way in which such end-of-sale and end-of-life milestones impact the Open-E products in their networks.
With that in mind, we have set out below Open-E's end-of-life policy to help customers better manage their end-of-life transition and to understand the role that Open-E can play in helping to migrate to alternative Open-E technologies.

The End of Life Policy only applies to End of Life and End of Sale announcements made on or after for all Open-E product lines. The policy is intended to provide our customers with the sufficient amount of information to confidently plan the evolution of their environment to migrate to replacement technologies.

General policy guidelines

As a general rule, Open-E will provide 6 months' notice of the affected product's end-of-sale date and/or the last day when the affected product can be ordered.
This notice will appear on web site and we encourage you to visit this site regularly as it contains useful information regarding Open-E's end-of-life program.

Access to Open-E's Web-Based Technical Support Center will be available for a period of one year from the end-of-sale date for application software issues.

Software support will be as follows

Open-E shall use reasonable efforts to provide bug fixes, workarounds, or patches, where available for agreed Critical/ First Priority to repair problems that are reported via Open-E Support for a period of up to one year from the End of Sale date for Open-E Software. The software support policy is based on existing known fixes and updates and other known workarounds previously stated and all end-of-life products will receive these updates that have pre existed but no new fixes will be generated for EOL Open-E products. Customer agrees to use the latest release of software, if required to correct a reported software problem.

Hardware Changes and Support Policy

This policy does not apply to hardware changes made by the customer with an Open-E product other than the original hardware platform used with the original purchase of an Open-E product. For example: Software EOL in June 2015 may not work on new hardware produced on June 2016. Open-E will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to provide a product upgrade path, for a fee, to assist the customer’s compatibility.

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