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Open-E receives a lot of recognition in the media - read what the press wrote about us and our products. Press coverage shown below relates not only to Open-E JovianDSS and Open-E DSS V7 but also to previous versions of our software (Open-E DSS V6 and older).

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Mar 17, 2017


CeBIT: Halle 2 wird wieder zum reinrassigen Storage-Treffpunkt

Die CeBIT-Messegesellschaft rudert wieder zurück. Letztes Jahr wurden Firmen aus der Storage-Branche animiert, von der Halle 2 in die Halle 12 umzuziehen. Etliche folgten dem Ruf, aber anscheinend zu wenig. Und deshalb ist dieses Jahr wieder alles anders: Die Halle 2 wird dieses Jahr wieder zum reinrassigen Storage-Treffpunkt. Kommenden Montag geht’s los. (...) Ein Rückkehrer von Halle 12 ist auch EUROstor. Am Stand A47 legt man dieses Jahr einen Schwerpunkt auf NAS-Cluster-Lösungen, vor allem mit dem schwedischen Software-Unternehmen Compuverde. Es sind aber auch Storage-Cluster-Lösungen zu finden, die auf Software des Münchner Unternehmens Open-E (»JovianDSS«) basieren.

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Feb 28, 2017


AIC Announces Certification by Open-E of its High-availability Server HA401-LB2 and JBOD J4024-02

AIC announces that Open-E has just certified its hardware solutions, the high-availability server HA401-LB2 and JBOD J4024-02. Open-E develops IP-based storage management applications. The company's JovianDSS provides software-defined storage that has to work with a range of hardware requirements, from capacity capability to connectivity to performance.

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Sep 30, 2016

Source: StorageNewsletter

Starline: SMB/CIFS HA Cluster for NASdeluxe Systems With Open-E JovianDSS

Starline Computer GmbH offers with the NASdeluxe NDL-4000 Z-series different software-defined storage systems. They are certified for the ZFS-based JovianDSS from Open-E, Inc. Thus the NASdeluxe Z-series is an solution for many different storage needs, such as high data protection, HA, efficient use and fast access times. According to the new, free update of NASdeluxe systems you have the possibility to configure a HA Cluster with the SMB/CIFS protocol in JovianDSS. Thanks to the integrated HA Cluster Management, Shared Folder are available after a failover. Additionally the Shared Folder Access Control Lists (ACL) are supported, which are compatible with Windows.

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Jul 20, 2016

Source: HEXUS

Open-E JovianDSS Off-site Data Protection now available with consistent Snapshots

Open-E, a leading developer of innovative data storage software used for building and managing reliable NAS and SAN storage environments, today released a new update of its data storage software Open-E JovianDSS with consistent Snapshots for the Off-site Data Protection functionality. The ZFS- and Linux-based software – which has been designed for enterprise-sized Software Defined Storage environments – ensures data reliability and integrity for optimal data storage, protection and recovery.

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Jul 13, 2016


bluechip Storageline 52203s Server Certified for Open-E Storage Software VStorage

Open-E GmbH published the certification of the STORAGEline 52203s server by partner bluechip Computer AG from Germany with their data storage software Open-E DSS V7. To provide best compatibility for end-customers, Open-E certifies storage servers of their partners on a regular basis. With the STORAGEline R52203s, a new server has met all criteria of Open-E's testing standards. Not only was the storage system tested for general usage, but also as a high availability cluster. The result: DSS V7 is running smoothly and performs well on the STORAGEline R52203s.

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"Currently, the priority of the IT-industry regarding the development of an e-government concept lies on the transfer of public and municipal services in an electronic form and the electronic provision of those services. In the Kursk region, a centralized information system was formed which includes data storage, the registry and a portal of public services, as well as an electronic document management system. Open-E's software is included in this system and allows us to solve current and future challenges due to its scalability, performance and reliability."


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