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"A highly available ZFS Non-shared cluster at this extremely competitive rate - coupled with coherent support options - were the deciding factors for us in choosing Open-E JovianDSS."


Michael Lingg

IT Manager



We provide software solutions that ensure homeland security and business continuity against an entire range of risks that jeopardize people & business assets, revenue, and operations. Nfina’s products and managed solutions, and Open-E software, play a crucial role in insuring that our security solutions are continuously up and running and maximizing the availability of our IT Ecosystem and ultimately, the protection for our clients.


Ben Eazzetta


Ares Security


We are constantly getting bigger and bigger files to work with and back up. It’s important to keep data secure at a reasonable total cost of ownership. Abacus Electric, our integration partner, combined hardware from Western Digital and software from Open-E to provide us with a tailored solution at a very reasonable price.


Jan Polouček

Chief Operating Officer

Post Bellum | Paměť národa


Abacus has delivered more than 600PB of disk space in 20 years. Each of the business cases is unique and interesting in some way. We often work with technologyfocused partners such as cloud providers or universities. That’s also why the two Open-E JovianDSS storage boxes we were able to deliver to Post Bellum are so special to us, and we are honored to have been able to help their efforts in this way as well. Recognition and thanks go to Open-E and WDC for their exceptional support.


Jan Petrák

Purchase Manager



Thanks to the proper configuration and implementation of the system, as well as the assurance that we will receive assistance in case of any difficulties, we sleep much better now. The software has ensured easy maintenance without unplanned downtimes, with simple accessibility to the data stored. In the event of any configuration issue, we always got very fast and professional support from both EUROstor and Open-E


Thomas Weber

Head of IT



The volume of geospatial data is growing year by year and has to be kept online at reasonable costs of processing and exploitation. Entry, our integration partner, brought together hardware from Western Digital and software from Open-E to provide us with a tailored solution at a very reasonable price.


Sergii Polivoda

Commerce Director

Aviation Accounting Center of Ukraine


I am amazed by Open-E’s software – the Open-E JovianDSS. Countless administrative options including fully automated, round-the-clock backups have made our everyday life noticeably easier. N-TEC’s approach to this project was extremely engaging and convincing. All expectations were fully met - and in most cases even far exceeded. It’s not only our customers who now benefit enormously from this solution but we as a company too, as we were able to drastically reduce our time expenditure in many areas of activity. Especially the option of being able to restore data states - at any time, in the shortest possible time – gives us a sense of security. Our customers can rest assured that threats like ransomware attacks will remain a phenomenon that we only know from media reports.I’m looking forward to expanding our main system and purchasing our second backup server. Due to the continuous growth, we were able to upgrade all our systems with hard disks and licenses and respond as needed in an economic sense.


Oliver Timm

Managing Director



We get performance, reliability, scalability, and top of class service and support plus a bid winning price point.


Cliff Pascas

Project Manager

Status Automation


Offering money-back guarantee SLAs for a data center is not easy, and reliable enterprise software is essential to have peace of mind! We’ve been using the Open-E JovianDSS system for more than a year. The product experience is very positive, as it is stable, easy to use, robust, and offers excellent performance. The High Availability Cluster has an outstanding price-performance ratio.


Theodosis Theodosiou

Business Development Manager

Cloudlayer8 (CL8)

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