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In our Cisco Lab we were looking for a complete Enterprise class NAS/SAN solution that would work across our Mobile Internet Technology test beds used for product testing, solution testing, PoC’s and IOT’s for MITG solutions. The solution needed to be reliable, feature rich and flexible. We looked at FreeNAS and other commercial products such NetAPP and EMC. In the end Open-E DSS V7 had the features and flexibility we needed to complete our projects. The flexibility of the Open-E DSS V7 on our Cisco UCS HW was key to being able to move quickly between ever changing storage needs. It has been straight forward to setup, maintain and tuning was effortless. We can quickly setup many and modify the Open-E DSS V7 volumes from 200GB to 5TB for usage with our file protocols with CIF’s, NFS and Fibre Channel volumes as well. The design of the GUI is very easy to navigate which reduces the learning curve allowing us to be more productive. Open-E DSS V7 has been proven to be reliable and robust for our storage and database needs. Support was another factor in our requirements and that has been proven to be excellent before install, during install and with the ongoing usage of Open-E DSS V7.


Mark Weiss

Technical Marketing Engineer

Cisco Systems, INC


We are absolutely satisfied with the implementation of the Open-E Cluster solution. Since the migration to the JovianDSS environment we have noted a 50% increase in performance for all the customers that we host. With this solution, we can see the storage growing and rest assured that in case we require more capacity, it will be just a matter of plugging in another storage chassis with an additional storage pool, not risking any downtime.


Rick Baranowski

Director of IT

Simplicity Tech


We are absolutely happy with our new High Availability solution from EUROstor. The performance is excellent and Open-E JovianDSS enables us to perform maintenance and updates anytime, without interruptions for users. . Due to the fast storage based on SSDs, time-sensitive applications are running smoothly and we have enough HDD storage space left for future growth of our data.

Michael Hackel

Head of IT Infrastructure

baierl + demmelhuber


Thanks to EUROstor and Open-E we now have the perfect replacement for our previous A-brand storage environment: fast, high-performing and cost-efficient. Set it up and it’s running – we are absolutely content with it.


Thomas Knauff

Head of Information Technology



We are absolutely happy with our new storage environment. Due to the professional consulting, fast communication and a direct contact at Rausch Netzwerktechnik, the implementation was extremely convenient. With reliable meeting arrangements we were able to schedule the on-site installation perfectly and without any downtime for our customers. Our after-sales questions were addressed immediately. And all that was provided at the absolute best price-performance ratio.


Arne Lammert

IT Manager



Open-E macht seit Jahren eine sehr gute Arbeit mit Ihren stabilen Server-Produkten. Es freut mich sehr, dass mir die Möglichkeit gegeben wurde, an diesem Zertifizierungskurs als erster Schweizer Partner teilzunehmen. Mit Open-E JovianDSS ist der Aufbau von Speichersystemen in virtuellen Umgebungen für einen Bruchteil der aktuellen HighEnd-Speichersysteme vieler A-Brands möglich.


Daniel Scheuber




I would rank the Open-E support as outstanding. They are always available on short notice. I think Open-E truly understands the importance of how critical resource data is for any organisation, and their Support Team knows the software very well. Their steps are spot on to solve problems. Open-E is doing great job and I would always recommend them.


Mian Asbat Ahmad

Bioinformation and Systems Administrator

Royal Brompton and Harefield Trust NHS Hospital, Department of Genetics and Genomics


When I first tested Open-E’s software products at the beginning of being an Authorized Partner, I was surprised how easy the installation process, configuration and actual storage management is. In our own and our customer installations with Open-E we are rarely facing any issues regarding data security. Customers need solutions like this: ready to use, easy to manage and reliable. This is why we’re recommending Open-E over other storage management software.


Kim Saroeun

Procurement Manager

Cogetel Limited


We are pleased to work with Open-E as a partner for several years now. We have delivered several High Availability mission-critical solutions powered by Open-E DSS V7. As everyone who works on similar big projects knows, not everything works from the very beginning and according to customer expectations but with the help and effort of the Open-E Team we made our customers happy. Frankly said, Open-E is a very unique company among other software vendors for its customer-centric attitude backed with excellent technical knowledge. I have never seen such flexible support from software developers before.


Jan Petrák

Sales Manager Servers

Abacus Electric


We chose Open-E because it was the only fully-redundant, high-availability storage solution we found that was vendor-agnostic, with the lowest ratio CapEx / per TB of total available storage vs. any Dell / HP / EMC / VMware vSAN solution, and we needed scalability without vendor lock-in. Plus, their support plans are reasonably priced; it’s a pleasant experience working with a relatively smaller company’s (onshore) tech support vs. the big box companies whose support experiences are inconsistent at best. Whether you’re an owner that’s looking for the value-driven storage solution, or an engineer with the guts to ‘roll-your-own’, Open-E will satisfy both.


Jason Volmut



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