ES-8700JCLB HA NVMe “Cluster-in-a-box”

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The EUROstor ES-8700JCLB NVMe “Cluster-in-a-box” server is a full-flash NVMe storage cluster that offers clients both, High Availability and accelerated performance. The system is fault-tolerant and powered by ultra-fast dual-port NVMe drives.

The ultra-fast NVMes are a perfect fit for enterprise-level environments which aim to deliver exceptional performance for mis-sion-critical data storage applications while, at the same time, supporting their most de-manding tasks, such as multithreading, virtu-alization, or relational database operations. The High Availability clustering provides two active-active nodes with simultaneous, bal-anced data access. This significantly increas-es overall cluster performance. Additionally, when a failure does occur, the system can au-tomatically execute the failover, allowing the secondary node to instantly take over all the processes and services of the primary one.

Advantages of the EUROstor ES-8700JCLB NVMe “Cluster-in-a-box” server include:

  • “Cluster-in-a-box” system powered by ultra-fast Dual-Port NVMes
  • High Availability, ensuring data is always accessible
  • Support of up to 24 fast, large NVMe drives
  • Lightning-quick RAM read and write caching
  • Enhanced data storage performance
  • Unlimited capacity, with volume sizes up to one Zettabyte

Read the certification brochure to discover more details.

Technical specification of the system

Motherboard: AIC PAVO
CPU: 2x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6240C CPU 2.60GHz
RAM: 9x 16GB Micron 18ASF2G72PDZ-2G6B1
Storage controller: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd NVMe SSD Controller
Storage device: 24x 800GB Samsung PM1725a
Network controller 1x Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T2
1x Intel® Ethernet Connection X722-DA2
Boot medium: 600GB WDC WD6000HLHX
Form Factor: 2U

Get the full certification brochure

Certification brochure

In addition to the Open-E JovianDSS certified system, EUROstor GmbH also offers individually configured servers, specifically adapted to the customer requirements.

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