Open-E JovianDSS Standard High Availability Cluster Feature Pack

NAS Failover
iSCSI Failover
Storage connection:


SAS / FC with
ATTO switches


Internal JBOD

High Availability Cluster for SMB, NFS, iSCSI and FC

Open-E JovianDSS includes failover functionality for iSCSI, FC and NFS, SMB (CIFS) enabling you to set up High Availability Load-Balanced Storage Clusters that ensure reliability and redundancy through failover in case of a server crash. By using the Open-E JovianDSS Standard HA Cluster Feature Pack, you can enable High Availability for two server nodes connected to a single storage, and one or more JBODs. It also supports SAS and FC SSD / HDD disks.

Advanced HA cluster management software

The HA cluster management software enables you to quickly access all features related to your cluster setup. Whether for initial configuration or re-configuration after a failover – everything is in one place and guarantees ease of use for the storage administrator.

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