Open-E DSS V7 High Availability Feature Pack

With Open-E DSS V7 there is no need to choose between iSCSI and NFS. Set up your cluster with one of our Active-Active Failover Feature Packs to ensure business continuity and highest storage reliability.




How Does a Failover in Open‑E DSS V7 Work?

  • This feature enables you to simultaneously run volumes in the active mode on two nodes - providing high availability of data.
  • If one node fails, the other one takes over automatically, and all application services continue to run without interruption.
  • Once the failed node is available again in the resource pool, the storage administrator can move the activity of selected volumes back to the node of choice.

Thanks to the Active-Active functionality, overall cluster performance is improved since the read, write, and replication traffic can be balanced on both nodes. Within just a few minutes, you will have up to several hundred gigabytes available on your network – without much effort and no downtime.

Active-Active Automatic Failover is a crucial data storage functionality used for:

  • High Availability
  • Cloud Storage
  • Storage for Virtualization
  • Business Continuity
  • and many more.

Open‑E DSS V7 Active-Active Cluster Advantages

  • Doubles your overall performance in many configurations
  • Eliminates a Single Point of Failure by configuring Active-Active clusters without shared (common) discs.
  • Self-validation of the system through initial checks of all critical settings.
  • Cluster security improved by using an unlimited number of auxiliary paths.
  • Increased sensibility for network failures through Ping Nodes configuration.
  • Speeds up networking connectivity, I/O traffic is equally balanced on two nodes.
  • Fully utilizes all processing power on both cluster nodes.
  • Eliminates waste of hardware resources by providing more efficient usage.

Why Should You Choose Open‑E's High Availability Feature Packs?

Open-E DSS V7 failover feature cover

It turns out that other offerings can give you Active-Active solutions OR offer a reasonable price and configuration, but very few can deliver BOTH at the same time. And that’s precisely what our Open-E DSS V7 does. It provides superior performance, security, and scalability at a fraction of the cost of alternative storage solutions. The flexible design of Open-E DSS V7 enables organizations of all sizes to create effective iSCSI and NFS solutions that can adapt to and meet the simplest or the most complex storage needs.

Automatic Active-Active Failover functionality for iSCSI or NAS Volumes can only be purchased with Open-E DSS V7. Try it for yourself!

Open‑E DSS V7 High Availability Feature Packs Pricing

iSCSI (SAN) Active-Active Failover NAS (NFS) Active-Active Failover
USD 2 220.00 EUR 1 580.00 USD 2 220.00 EUR 1 580.00

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