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Defend IT egino NVMe Metro Cluster provides enterprise companies with the right level of power and performance to match their needs in terms of storing and processing massive amounts of data, as well as sharing them with the appropriate employees. The solution offered by Defend IT proved to be ideal for time-sensitive applications, where every second matters, and this includes such sectors as financial services, data center operations, and more!

The system was testified by Open-E CTO - Janusz Bąk - who was stunned by the system's power, and concluded the certification process with a clear statement: “One of the fastest tested systems in the Lab of Open-E so far”.

Defend IT egino NVMe Metro Cluster equipped with core optimizer, engine boost, and workload presets is a ready-to-go solution for your company. Additionally, it was tested in Open-E Lab, through a number of tests that ensured the system can deal with a wide range of different disruptive scenarios. Thus it provides you not only with hardware capable of dealing with extreme disruptions but also empowers you with a plethora of data storage protection features to ensure that your data is safe and available all the time.

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Defend IT egino NVMe Metro Cluster great performance is achieved thanks to the utilization of KIOXIA CD8-R, which is an NVMe drive tailored to the needs of data centers, and ready to match many demanding applications. Additionally, the system utilizes PCIe 5.0, DDR5 RAM, and AMD 4th Generation processor - AMD EPYC™ 9174F, which is not only incredible in terms of performance, but also lets you achieve great energy efficiency. Thus the solution created by DefendIT and certified by Open-E turns out to be a perfect choice for:

  • Media & Entertainment
  • Data Centers
  • Virtualization
  • Private Cloud
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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Technical specification of the system

Motherboard ASUS K14PA-U024
CPU AMD EPYC | 4.1GHz | 16-Core | Genoa
Chassis primeLine | 2U red. Power | 20x NVMe
RAM 768GB | 24x32GB DDR5 4800 ECC Reg
Storage raw capacity 153.6TB
Storage device 20x NVMe Enterprise | 2,5” | Kioxia CD8-R (Base) | 3.84TB / 7.68TB / 15.36TB
Network interface 1x Dual Port Intel I350-AM2 GbE LAN Controller 1x 25Gbit Quad-Port Broadcom NetXtreme N425G 1x 100Gbit Dual-Port Broadcom NetXtreme P2100G
Form factor 2U

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